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Published on Aug 19, 2013

Download the full version of this visualization mind movie and many more subliminals at http://abundantmind.com/youtube/

This is a very special money meditation video from my own private viewing and manifestation collection. It's been remastered so that it contains both VISUAL and SPOKEN subliminal commands, both in first person AFFIRMATION format and in third person SUBLIMINAL COMMAND format. The subliminal entrainment is for the purpose of programming your mind to attract money and luxury.

There is nothing wrong with using a money meditation or wanting money or luxury. Money is energy that can exchanged for many things, can help enrich the lives of yourself those whom you choose to help. And our bodies are naturally inclined towards a state of comfort or luxury, than discomfort. While I don't have to have luxury, I do find that I do some of my best work when sitting in a large, soft leather chair in a beautifully decorated and serene room than in a sterile office.

Money and luxury is good in my opinion. That's the whole point of releasing this subliminal money meditation video to you. I've used it myself many times, and I do feel that it's helped me program my subconscious to help me attract money and luxury at various times. That is not guarantee that it will work for you however. Everyone programs their minds at a different pace. Some may get quick results, some may get slow results, some may get no results at all.

Some of the subliminal commands and affirmations included in this money meditation video are:
I can afford many houses
I love owning property
I am thankful for my life of luxury
The Universe brings me great wealth
My prayers bring me great wealth
Money comes to me easily
People and Money are attracted to me
I spend money wisely and happily
My wallet is always full
I ask and I am rewarded
good things happen to me everyday
My life is safe and comfortable
I deserve all of my wealth
I deserve all of my riches
I make at least $1000 per day
Sometimes I make $2000 per day
I make at least $30,000 per month
I make more money than I need
I am free to do what I love
I am feeling fulfilled
I am attracting more wealth
My money lets me travel
I am surrounded by divine substance
I have unlimited abundance
I travel because of my money
I am worthy of love and respect
I have a clear vision now
I achieve my goals now
I am appreciated
I am rich with creative ideas
My mind is limitless
I offer creative ideas to the world
I love my money
I use money for enlightenment
I use money to learn
I am unbeatable
I have the strength of the Universe
I am mighty
The Universe brings me money
My imagination is rich
I am aways receiving more money
I easily create wealth
Divine ideas come to me
I easily create abundance
I easily earn lots of money
I am free
I go where ever I want
I get better every day
I accept all the wealth the universe gives me
I am receiving divine help now
I enjoy the good things in life
I create prosperity easily
I create abundance easily
Every day I grow more prosperous
I always get what I want and need
The universe provides for me
Money and riches are flowing to me now
My life is joy and love
I naturally attract people
I love and attract money now
The Universe makes me prosper
...and hundreds more like these, both in first person AND third person commands.



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