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Uploaded on Aug 6, 2010

Note that these are Wonder Mail S codes
SO... They only work for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky

Item Description:
(in the order they appear)

Bounce Band
All thrown items bounce off

Curve Band
Thrown items will go sideways after hitting a wall( except for rocks)

Def. Scarf
Raises holders Defense

Detect Band
Holder's evasion is boosted

Dodge Scarf
Holder dodges all thrown items

Friend Bow
Raises recruitment chances when held by leader

Gold Ribbon
Can be sold for poke

Joy Ribbon
Holder gains Exp. when damaged

Mobile Scarf
Can walk on water, lava, air, and walls
(when walking through walls, users belly depletes faster)

Pecha Scarf
Prevents holder from being poisoned

Persim Band
Prevents holder from being confused

Pierce Band
Thrown items will pierce through anything (except rocks)

Power Band
Raises holder's Attack

Sneak Scarf
Prevents holder from waking sleeping pokemon

Special Band
Raises holder's Special Attack

Stamina Band
Belly depletion is slower

Tight Belt
Belly doesn't deplete (except when walking thru walls and when using Linked Moves)

Trap Scarf
If holder steps on a trap, it does not go off

Weather Band
Holder ignores weather and its effects

Zinc Band
Raises holder's Special Defense

Cacnea Spike
Hits target directly

Corsola Twig
Hits target directly

Gold Fang
Hits target directly

Gold Thorn
Hits target directly

Rare Fossil
Arcs and hits target

Goggle Specs
Holder can see hidden traps and invisible pokemon

Prevents holder from sleeping

Lockon Specs
Thrown items always hit

Scope Lens
Increases holder's critical hit ratio

X-Ray Specs
Reveals enemy pokemon and items on the floor

Golden Apple
Completely fills belly and enlarges it

Golden Mask
Greatly increases recruitment chances

Miracle Chest
Increases Exp. received

Wonder Chest
Increases Exp. received

Wonder Gummi
Greatly increases IQ of any type pokemon

Golden Seed
Raises eater's level by 5

Reviver Seed
Revives a fainted pokemon (only one use)

Mystery Part
Makes certain legendary pokemon appear in dungeons

Secret Slab
Makes certain legendary pokemon appear in dungeons

Opens a locked room in dungeons

Lost Loot
Can be sold for poke

I am open for any Wonder Mail S request as well as any suggestions.


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