Ron Burgundy - That Escalated Quickly





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Published on Jul 4, 2012

I mean, that really got out of hand fast.

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James Crampton-Thomas
My reaction to Germany 7 - Brazil 1.. XD 
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Oh man seeing this makes me laugh my ass off how much brazil got fucked
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Draco Meteor
When you skip 5 seconds in a porn.
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Mr DaktylusTV
Draco Meteor you deserve way more likes
Julian Greiderer
Tripp Fields 9
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Your Average American
The fastest and easiest way to steal a girls heart is to cut her ribcage open and rip it out of her fucking chest.
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VMO Chui
Ice Nine Kills ftw!
Osama Gamal
boy, that escalated Quickly
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Matthew Christiansen
It's surprising how many things in real life this can be applied to.
One guy send this to me when he got into my Top Fans list on Twitter :V
Chris Kouyoumjan
Ferguson riots. 
Pretty much.
adam kilpatrick
my reaction to undertale popularity spike.
When you read a fanfiction
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Philip Ottey
To me it's more like when you read your own fanfiction out loud
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My grandpa's cancer... :(
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If this helps you cope with it.........
messi the legend
im going to hell thank you
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Sacred Swordsman
the airport fight scene in Civil war summed up 13 words
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ant man is in the same room as ron burgandy in this scene
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Tommy Dee
Five Nights at Freddy's. It didn't exist a year ago (as of the original posting of this comment), and now it's getting a fucking feature-length theatrical film. And just when you thought the brony fandom escalated fast, this new fandom puts the bronies to shame. Edit 4/28/15: There's now going to be a fourth game? Fuck my life. Edit 7/24/15: The fourth game is out four months early. Hopefully that means those tweens will get bored of it sooner, just in time for Star Wars 7... Edit 8/9/15: Well, this shitty fad has been around for a whole year. It looks like FNaF is here to stay for the foreseeable future... Edit 9/17/15: Well, fuck. There's going to be an RPG spin-off of the game. Scott is definitely milking the franchise, which means the fad trend won't die for a while. Yeah. It's been longer than a year, so it isn't a fad anymore. Edit 11/15/15: I've got some good news. With the lack of news about the game, the /r/fivenightsatfreddys subreddit is starting to lose subscribers. I'm hoping that by the time the movie comes out, it'll look like a dated fad.
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Although I consider myself an active Mystery Skulls fan, the rest of the fandom quieted down pretty much with the same speed it was born. It's like a bored dog that starts wagging his tail and jumping around only when you throw a treat at him, and as soon as he's eaten it he goes back to sleep (the treat in question being a new animated video, since now they're making a series, and the wagging and jumping around the fanarts and... stuff). Pretty weird comparison, I know. Either way, the majority of the content in the fandom consists of simple fan arts of the characters, with a few comics sprinkled here and there, so.
Ethan Edwards
Rayman FanMan To be fair, mystery skulls is very good.
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