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Published on Mar 3, 2011

A quick playthrough of the MSX game Ghostbusters in about 8 minutes. In this playthrough I skip the fruitless hunting of ghosts in haunted houses (save 1 though) and just wait for Stay Puft, the Marshmallow Man, to appear so you can trap him with the ghostbait (hit 'b' button to deploy ghostbait when you get the warning) and cash the 2000 reward.
Because I don't go after the haunted houses, I only need 1 trap, the ghost bait, the Marshmallow Man Sensor, and thus only need the cheapest car, which leaves me only about $4000 to win back, which is about 2 averted Stay Puft attacks.
Because otherwise the Key and Gatekeeper somehow go too quickly to Zuul, I have to catch 1 ghost from a haunted house early on in the game. The rest is waiting (yay for openMSX throttleless fastforwarding!) for Stay Puft to appear and hit 'b'.
When the Key and Gatekeeper come too close to Zuul before I've saved up enough money, I return to GHQ to reset them to their original positions.

No 'reverse' has been used in this playthrough.

About Ghostbusters for the MSX:
This game was developed by Activision's David Crane and Robert Rutkowski in 1984 for the MSX homecomputer. I used the cassette release.

The game itself is fairly simple, yet challenging.
You have to pick a car to drive with and fill it with a few items, such as:
* a PK meter (which shows the psychic energy in the city, which seems useless on the MSX since it is already shown);
* ghost bait (for capturing Marshmallow Man with the 'b' button when it starts appearing on the screen);
* a ghost vacuum (for sucking up (with the spacebar) ghosts you encounter with the car while driving towards your destination);
* ghost traps (used to capture ghosts you encounter at haunted buildings, you need at least one, but more is useful so you don't have to empty them at H.Q. every run).
* Image Intensifier (as far as I know it is used to make the ghosts stop flickering, also kind of a waste of money)
* Marshmallow Sensor (gives an early warning when the Marshmallow Man is about to appear, so you can hit 'b' in time to capture him)
* Portable Laser Confinement System (so crossing the beams doesn't require you to return to H.Q., useless imho..)
The purpose of the game is to save the city from the attacking ghosts, while making sure you end up with more money than you started with as a loan from the bank.
Every now and then a building with flash red, to show it is haunted. Drive your car via the quickest route to the building, perhaps driving over some ghosts on the way and hit space while pushing the cursor key in the direction the building is located.
You'll then have to drive your car over the road, and if you hit some ghosts on your way, you can capture them by hitting the spacebar. You won't get money from this.
When you arrive at the building, you have to place two of your guys in opposite directions on each side of your trap. Placing the trap is done with the spacebar, just like placing your men and activating the trap. You can move your guys closer together with the left and right key after their beams are activated, but make sure you don't cross the beams!
If you time everything properly, you can capture the ghost, and get $300 in your bank account.
The higher the PK energy gets in the city, the faster the ghosts and Key and Gatekeeper will move. Eventually ghosts will merge together to form Marshmallow Man. If you hit 'b' quickly enough to deploy the ghost bait (if you put it in your car), you get a whopping $2000 for diverting his attack. Otherwise he'll destroy a building, which will cost you a large sum..
When the Key and Gatekeeper arrive at Zuul and you have more than $10000, you get to the end game, where you have to navigate 2 of your men between the legs of a jumping Marshmallow Man to go through the door to the top of Zuul to automatically close the portal.

More information about this game can be found on Generation MSX: http://www.generation-msx.nl/msxdb/so...
A password generator can be found at http://ertje.nl/larsthe18th/ghostbust...

This video was performed and recorded on openMSX 0.8.1 pre-release 11974 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard.
The openMSX emulator is a cross-platform MSX, MSX2, MSX2+ and MSX turbo-R emulator available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Dingux.
Official releases and the openMSX manual can be downloaded from http://openmsx.sf.net whereas unofficial daily builds for Mac OS X and Windows can be downloaded from openMSX Builder at http://openMSX.FiXato.net


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