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Uploaded on Jan 19, 2010

Judge's Review:
"You used, as the basis, the classical idea of Romeo and Juliet, which is sometimes taken as a reference point in some videos, but you've done something new to develop your rewriting. The storyline that you've decided to tell was clear and your editing made it very easy from the beginning of the story to understand what you wanted to show in your video, even to the viewers, who don't know the fandom. You helped your entry by adding a good use of voiceovers that you were able to adapt to the proper locations of the video. Congratulations! You pass to the second round of Boit."
**Please read AFTER you've watched the vid, NOT before**

Okay! Here is my entry for the first challenge in the BOIT competition "Rewind & Rewrite"
I hope and pray that I have done it right ;)
The reason why I wanted you all to read this after you've seen the vid is because I'm about to tell you the whole plot of the story (for the judges' sake) in this description and I would like you all to be able to tell me if you understood the story just from the vid, rather than because you read everything first. :)

Okay so, as Im sure you can see I was greatly influenced by the story of Romeo and Juliet. It's not exactly the same story, seeing as Romeo actually dies first and then Juliet stabs herself, but it is similar haha XD
I really hope it worked. ;)

Don't forget to leave me some feedback! Thanks ya'll!!! :D

Brief summary of the original storyline according to the BBC TV show "Merlin":

Arthur, the prince and future king of Camelot has fallen for the sweet and beautiful servant girl Guinevere. They are forced to keep their love a secret because Arthur's father, Uther Pendragon, would not allow Arthur to marry a servant. The second season of Merlin has ended with their love still partly in the shadows. Uther knows nothing of Arthur's real feelings. As we know from Arthurian legend, however, Arthur does indeed marry Guinevere and they become the next king and queen of Camelot. AWWWWW!!! ;)

Now for my story...

The beginning is basically the same; they love each other and are hiding it from Uther. But in this version Uther discovers their feelings for one another and confronts Arthur about it. Arthur in turn tells his father that he is going to marry Gwen.
Since Guinevere is only a servant Uther forbids the marriage and separates the two by throwing Gwen into the dungeons. Furious at his father, Arthur disobeys him and releases her --resulting in Uther disinheriting his son. Gwen knows that she is the reason Arthur has lost the right to the throne and she decides that its better for her to die than to stand in the way of him becoming king of Camelot, as is his destiny. That night she ends her life.
When Arthur finds her the next morning he is overcome with grief and anger at his father. He challenges Uther and is about to kill him, but his manservant, Merlin, stops him. Later, Arthur is haunted by memories of Gwen. The pain of losing her is too much so he also drinks poison. Uther finds him dead on the floor of his chamber and realizes that it was his fault.
I wanted the ending with Gwen and Arthur to be like they were finally together, in heaven. Although...I dont think they'd be that dirty if it was actually heaven lol XD but you guys get what I mean ;)

The End.

Dedicated to my sister. Love you to bits my dahling! :D
Song: Martial Law by Bear McCreary
Clips: BBC
no copyright infringement intended

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