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Published on Sep 9, 2011

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To see the instrumental version click here..

The writers, Paul Epworth and Adele, described "Rolling in the Deep" as a "dark blues-y gospel disco tune." As we started arranging this cover, the song came alive when we found a destined matchup in the melody from Gustav Holst's classical piece "Jupiter"-a deep melody that rang out when layered on top of everything we were creating for this arrangement. To make a long studio-story short, it all came together after that. ALL sounds were created by acoustic & electric cellos (5 different cellos) and piano. By the time we were finished we had used 60 tracks.

In this arrangement we borrowed a melody from Gustav Holst's "Jupiter" Suite from "The Planets" -- op. 32 -- be sure to listen to his original composition -- it's amazing! The melody we used comes in about half-way through the piece.

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Rolling in the Deep written by Paul Epworth and Adele
Instrumental arrangement produced by Steven Sharp Nelson & Al van der Beek
Arrangement written by Steven Sharp Nelson, Al van der Beek & Jon Schmidt
Piano: Jon Schmidt
Acoustic/Electric Cellos: Steven Sharp Nelson
Vocals: Amanda Scott

Video Produced by Paul Anderson and Shaye Scott

Hair and Makeup by Stephanie Hauck

Dolly operator Conner Wilkinson

Special Thanks to our shooting location:
SunRiver St. George Community Center
4275 S. Country Club Dr.
St. George, UT 84790
Phone: (435) 773-4100
Fax: (435) 773-4110
Website: www.sunrivertoday.com

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Comments • 3,221

Excellent performance, both music and vocals. For those who are comparing the two versions (ms scott and adele) yes, they are different. The Adele versions is more forceful and pained -as if the break up had recently occurred - you can feel the anger and bitterness of the emotion - it is an excellent piece of work. This version with Amada Scott, is more like the same character singing years later - with more a sense of loss and remorse rather than the fresh sting of anger. Similar to how with the passage of time we can look back at a painful situation with more sorrow than bitterness. This is further emphasized with the tone of the instruments. Both versions are good - just have a different feeling - this is the secret of Art - on how the interpretation can change for the observer - to truly appreciate it, it is important for the observer to come in with an open mind and heart.
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I watched this and thought "I don't like her version." but then I read your comment and can see it. She's saddened but the raw anger has been replaced by a distant "what could have been".
Chesca Pargo
that was an excellent summary thank you.
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John Kim
This girl is a great singer but her voice isn't quite as robust as Adele's, it would be interesting to hear a guy do this song
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+NATASHAJANEMAY - weak? I do not think we are listening to the same track.
I agree . . . her voice (in this song) is too weak
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pearl Jae
I wish they used a better vocalist.. This would have hit platinum!! 
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Amelia Williamson
I don't get it what is the pun
rus k
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Harvy Mercado
i love this version even more than the original one
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I heard this version first - first impression does matter.
Dude there somin wrong with you BUT i do like this one too.
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Jorge Armando Barcelo Villagran Herrera
I expected more from the singer
View all 11 replies
Andrew Wu
+Jennifer Smith personally, to me, it doesn't sound like he took any offense. to me it looks like he called you out on your ignorance; his comment has nothing to do with his emotional state (and I highly doubt he took offense at your statement, he was just correcting a misconception)
Jennifer Smith
+punkchicktoo Awe. I'm sorry you took so much offense to my comment that has nothing to do with you. I'm sorry you're overly emotional about what strangers think over the Internet.
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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ FLIP THAT TABLE. ┻━┻ ︵ ヽ(°□°ヽ) FLIP THIS TABLE. ┻━┻ ︵ \\('0')// ︵ ┻━┻ FLIP ALL THE TABLES! ಠ_ಠ bob... ಠ_ಠ Put. ಠ__ಠ The tables. ಠ___ಠ Back. (╮°-°)╮┳━┳ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ NEVER!
samsung sam
Lets Do This ;-)
+Jake XD seriously.
luis T.
absolutly amazing...but singer is completly without passion, | dont believe her....and trully she doesnt know what she sing about...but voice is amazing...higher trigerness on voice needed and it will be perfect!
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Van Snyder
luis T. She sings it as if her pain happened years ago and that she has more sorrow and longing than anger and bitterness, like Adele sang it.
+HeadCannon yeah that's right - why bother with any form of perfectionism. If that were the case we'd all be performing in front of thousands every night - Oh wait, that IS happening! It's called the X Factor..
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Sonja Hiserman
I like her voice! She gives the song a bit of a different feeling than Adele. Adele is much more robust but her voice is softer and sounded more sad. Great job!
Brian Madden
sorry her voice is very sharp to me. Adele has a very warm voice.
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True that!
James Till
Better than I can do. She doesn't need to have the best voice to have a fantastic voice. :3
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Trang hoang
she needs more force and impact for this song
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