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Published on Feb 21, 2012

Here is the finished version of the video & the song has changed!!
Summary: Bonnie has given the flick to Elena and co. and joined the Originals. This shows the relationship between Bonnie and each of them.
First we have in a flashback what made Bonnie give the flick to the Mystic Falls gang (Damon & Stefan killing Abby and in this she is dead dead not un-dead dead). Then back to present day Bonnie is visited by Klaus who informs her that his mother would like to meet with her again. Bonnie decides to meet with Esther and Esther apologises for what had happened and offered Bonnie a place with the Originals like her ancestor, Ayanna, before her. She offered her a real family and protection and asks for help to unbind the link of her children. Bonnie is still relented to accept the offer so Esther sends Rebekah to help convince Bonnie and she then agrees and later that night they meet back at the witch house to perform the spell. It is then that Bonnie realises that this may be her new life.
The next day Bonnie gets a call from Klaus who informs her that the spell worked perfectly and he wants her to come by the Mikaelson mansion later in the day.
It is there that she first runs into Finn who offers to help her with her witchcraft, explaining that sometimes he wishes that he would have become a warlock/witch rather than a vampire and Elijah thanks her for helping his mother remove the link.
A few days later, Bonnie is at home practicing a spell and is interrupted by Rebekah who offers to help but also wants to go out. They then run into Elena who has a self-righteous, pity me talk and Bonnie puts her in her place.
Elijah meets Bonnie one day after school and notices how much happier Bonnie has become since joining his family.
Kol and Klaus have a small argument with Bonnie playing mediator and ending up with Klaus storming out and soon Bonnie decides to leave but runs into Rebekah who wants to spend time, explaining that she's never really had a real girlfriend before.
Bonnie see's Elijah again and they have a talk.
Then Klaus and Bonnie talk.
Kol tries to convince Klaus and Bonnie to go to the grill with him because he is bored and doesn't want to go alone and pulls the guilt trip to make them agree.
At the Grill, Bonnie and Klaus have a small talk outside before going in.
Inside, Kol & Klaus are at the bar while Bonnie is at the table and Damon approaches her and tries to get her forgiveness but she shoots him down but that is not enough for Klaus who then goes outside to 'speak' to Damon while back inside Kol is flirting with Meredith which upsets Bonnie a little and upsets her even more when he returns the next morning bragging about it.
Rebekah then comforts her and tells her that she needs to sort everything out with Kol.
Bonnie and Kol then meet.

Yeah...the description is not very descriptive but I think you'll get the gist of it =D

Warning: This is a type of Bonnie Harem between her and the (male) Originals, but there is a main paring of it of Bonnie & Kol. Other pairings that appear in the video are:
Bonnie/Esther (Mother/daughter/mentor)
Bonnie/Rebekah (sister/best friends)
Bonnie/Elena (no longer friends)
Bonnie/Damon (hate from Bonnie and Damon wants forgiveness)

Songs: 'Set Fire To The Rain' -- ADELE & 'Fire Escape' -- Civil Twilight.
I own absolutely nothing; I'm just doing it for fun!


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