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A typical game of glitch island

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Uploaded on Oct 8, 2011

After wasting 56 hours and getting 66% into the game I now get "ERROR - Your save game appears to be corrupted!!" that's all I should have to say really.
This game is absolute unfinished rushed out garbage.

I have been raving to everyone about how good this game is but seriously don't bother with it, I persevered with its dodgy hit and miss saving system and already lost 14 hours of play due to the game rolling back to crazy old saves, so that's a total of 70 hours of my life that I'll never get back, I feel cheated.

- If you manage to buy the Special Edition version of the game, you MUST use either one of the codes before you start a new game. I unfortunately used the code about 15 hours into the game and it decided to delete about 8 hours worth of game play... it knocked me down from rank 13 to rank 9 and as far as the game was concerned I hadn't explored a majority of the island, or done most of the side or main quests. One thing to also note is that the bottom code I got in the game case wasn't useable because the arena DLC isn't in the PS Store yet for downloading, so don't bin the bit of card thinking the second code is duff or that just one code is used for the "chainsaw and arena" because that's incorrect, so keep the unused second code in a safe place till the arena DLC is available.

- There is no manual save option, the game decides to save whenever it feels like it (or doesn't), at complete random. It does checkpoints instead, so if you're running about killing zombies and collecting weapons you must make sure that you start some kind of quest otherwise the game won't save anything that you have done. This I find absolutely ridiculous and really needs addressing in a patch. I have now had three separate occasions where I have had to redo about 8 hours of game play and quests because the game hasn't saved correctly, hence the reason why it's taken me 41 hours just to get through 38% of the game.
Despite me seeing the red biohazard symbol blink numerous times in the top right hand corner as well as "checkpoint" in the bottom left when starting and finishing quests. It happened to me again last night, I had done all the side quests in the town apart from one and got a checkpoint and save inside a shop when I was asked to spread the word of a nun over the tannoy system. So I made sure I had the currently active quest selected on the quest screen, then quit the game correctly with the triangle button after pressing start, crossed my fingers and prayed for it to save. I then chose "continue" on the main screen. And voila I started out outside the shop that I had saved the game. So I thought awesome, I won't lose the 5 hours of game play from today and can have a laugh with my lower rank mate back on the island in the cooperative mode. So I asked him for an invite, eventually got into his game and played for a good two hours (until his console froze when we were in a car). So we both restarted the games and while I was waiting for him I decided to select continue on my own game, and guess what, it dumped me back outside the church, with a lower rank, all my garbage weapons and inventory that I had about 5 hours previously....I nearly threw the console out the window.

So despite definitely making sure that it had saved my game and even loaded it up correctly before trying multiplayer, it still managed to dig up and use an incredibly old save game. I mean wtf, if this seriously happens again I'm refusing to play it until Sony pull their finger out and agree to the patch that actually came out on the games release date. My mate advised me that its Sony policy to wait and test a patch for 3 weeks before they can agree and make it available to a game over their network.

- When you load a game back up, providing you select a specific quest it should put you right next to the person who gave you your currently active quest. Rather than saving you where you quit the game you will often find yourself miles away from where you are meant to be, again this is ridiculous and badly thought out. So when you are about to quit your game you must select one of your active quests to tell the game where you want to begin when you load the game back up, nowhere does it explain this farce in the manual...

So, when you are about to quit a game, you must first select an active quest that you have in your list, in order to tell the game where you want to spawn when you choose to "continue". So let's say you want to resume your game in the Lighthouse, you would select a quest that was given to you in there, and that is where you will appear. You usually appear stood right next to the person that gave you the quest in the first place. What were they smoking when they thought up this insanity? Nowhere in the manual does it explain how the game determines your load position, or even how it saves and creates checkpoints, absolutely ridiculous..

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