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Published on Aug 31, 2007

BOSS FIGHT #5: Mogenar
Difficulty: Normal

FIRST THINGS FIRST: You might notice that I skipped ahead through this video a couple times. I didn't cut out any useful footage, I just had to shorten the video up a bit so that I could upload it to YouTube.

Okay, so the fight begins by showing you that Mogenar has 4 power sources. Begin by blasting these until they glow a brilliant white, one at a time. Once you've got the 3 front ones glowing, you have to get behind him and take out the one on his back. To get behind him, either morph into a ball and roll behind him, or just strafe jump around him until you have a clear shot.

Periodically throughout the fight, he will move to the center of the room and attempt to pull new power sources into himself. You have to blast each one before it gets to him, or else you will have to go through the process of blasting it from inside of him again. He will also jump around a lot, causing massive shockwaves that you can avoid by jumping over. He always jumps twice. Another attack that he periodically uses is something that makes the ceiling cave in a bit, with rocks and debris falling down on top of you. Just keep moving around and you should be alright.

Once you have all 4 power sources disabled, you will have to go into Hyper Mode and take each of them out again, this time until they actually are destroyed. CONSERVE YOUR ENERGY!!! You are going to need ALL of it.

Each time you destroy one of the power sources, he will get some kind of power upgrade in his feet, and he will start charging back and forth at you from across the room. Wait until he jumps to turn around, jump over the shockwave, and then morph into a ball while falling to the ground. When he starts running at you, lay some bombs in the center of the room. If your timing is right, the bombs will blow up at his feet, knocking out the power upgrade. Repeat this entire process until you've destroyed the front 3 power sources. The best way I found to destroy the back power source was to wait until he charges across the room, then while he's looking around trying to find you, just blast him in Hyper Mode as fast as you can.

If you ever run low on energy and you can't use Hyper Mode, just wait for him to move to the center of the room to try to get new power sources. They drop power-ups when you destroy them. You can also destroy the miscellaneous projectiles he shoots at you.

Good luck!


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