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Published on Oct 21, 2015

Discover what real couples have to say about their relationships and how their love lives were improved with the #LOVETEST.

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“Your Girl” performed by Mister Heavenly, courtesy of Sub Pop Records
“Would You?”, Written & Performed by Richard Swift, courtesy of Secretly Canadian

Interviewer: Ready?
Participant: Absolutely.
Participant: Crap. Uhhh. Do you want to do this?
Participant: No you should.
Participant: It is a little embarrassing, but I’ll tell you about it.
Title card: Revlon conducted a scientific study exploring how women open up to love.
Title card: 97% experienced favorable results.
Title card: This film celebrates the study with a group of REAL couples.
Interviewer: How long have you guys been together?
Title card: LOVE TEST
Participant: I’d say like a month and a half?
Participant: Yeah. We’re newbies.
Participant: Newbies.
Participant: We’ve been together for five years, and married for four.
Participant: It’s going to be a year on May 2nd.
Participant: Thirty-
Participant: Three
Participant: Four
Participant: Ish
Interviewer: Alright guys I am going to separate you and ask you a few questions.
Interviewer: Ok so what’s the first words that come to mind to describe your relationship?
Participant: Compatibility
Participant: I think uh kindred spirits
Participant: Electric
Participant: Effortless
Interviewer: When was the last time you had sex?
Participant: Oh my gosh!
Participant: It’s probably been about two weeks I think.
Participant: The last time we had sex was yesterday.
Participant: Two weeks ago?
Participant: It was either two or three days ago.
Participant: We are waiting.
Participant: I’m kinda bummed about it.
Interviewer: What turns you on the most?
Participant: Amazing music turns me on.
Participant: Anthony likes to bite me randomly.
Participant: Well. What turns her on the most I think is like control.
Participant: Confidence.
Participant: Like either losing it or having it.
Participant: Great conversation.
Participant: Talking dirty.
Interviewer: What are you most insecure about?
Participant: Hmmm. Only one thing?
Participant: I don’t have a big personality.
Participant: Definitely my confidence.
Participant: She feels like she is never quite is good enough at whatever she is doing.
Participant: The way I look and all that.
Participant: Sometimes I think that my stomach kinda flops around.
Participant: She is like 5 pounds overweight in her mind, and that’s like crazy.
Interviewer: What would you like to change about your love life?
Participant: Maybe frequency.
Participant: I feel like I am always the one totally in control of initiating. I’d like to see her initiate things maybe.
Title card: The women were sent home for a week to try a beauty ritual with makeup, fragrance, chocolate, and a mirror…
Title card: Taking a few moments each day to appreciate themselves.
Interviewer: Well, welcome back.
Participant: Hi
Participant: Hi!
Interviewer: Hello.
Interviewer: Are you ready for a few more questions?
Participant: I am.
Title card: While they thought they were alone…
Title card: We secretly had their partners listen from behind the stage.
Interviewer: So have you felt differently this week?
Participant: I actually have, I felt a little more empowered. I felt a lot better.
Participant: I just, you know, took some time, it’s almost like being given permission. Even though I don’t think I need it.
Participant: Just to kinda like schedule that everyday has been really nice, kinda feel like I can treat myself.
Participant: I usually do not look at myself in the mirror like that, and when I had to do it, I was like damn, I’m beautiful.
Interviewer: What have you learned about your relationship this week?
Participant: I make people feel comfortable.
Participant: It kinda made us discuss some things which was kinda fun.
Participant: I noticed this whole week we were acting more goofy and crazy towards each other.
Participant: I kinda made me like let every little moment count.
Interviewer: When did you realize you were in love?
Participant: We went and took a walk at the same park he kissed me at for the first time.
Participant: And I said aloud “Oh my God, I just met the man I am going to marry.”
Participant: I felt at home looking at him.
Interviewer: So, last question. How long do you think your relationship will last?
Participant: Is that a trick question?
Participant: No!

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