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Published on Jul 10, 2012

This song is very interesting in that it is pretty much Spencer's baby. A few years back he showed a song he had demoed instrumentally with him playing guitar/bass and having programmed the drum ideas, and we all were taken aback, because we knew he was a creative force when it came to vocals but we didn't realize that he was or could even write for the other instruments. I worked with him on the song in the way that I work with the bands that I produce, and helped trim the fat, got the arrangement flowing nicely, reworked some riffs and added some layers, and that demo is what the album version is based off of. Strangely enough he had never shown us the lyrics/vocal ideas for this song, but he had told me that he had some good ideas, and that he was really happy with his ideas for the chorus. I feel like this song is somehow very Periphery, and yet something I never would have been able to write myself, and it is a good example of how tight the writing chemistry is in this band. Since this song was demoed right when we started preproduction work on the album, we decided to play it live on some tours, and it is one of the few songs on this album that we actually jammed in a room before recording the final version and settling on the parts. In the future, time permitting, I think we would want to be able to do that with every song, just to see how it feels to play it as a band. I do, however, think this song has something very special because of that advantage. - Misha

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Comments • 579

Matt Ahn
that chorus is incredible, makes me want to punch a hole in a wall !!!
I know exactly how you feel!
Anthony Childs
Thats a good thing?? Haha
bob bb
they found a way to play 75-80% brutal riffs and still get pussy after their shows by confusing the 'giners with clean vocals. well played good sirs
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I know what it is, but thank you. I used to like it, when I was fucking 11. But I'm over being an emotional walking carnival, so I don't meed that music anymore. Now I'm getting into some ACTUAL MUSIC for a change, such as Periphery. These guys have all the theory and, with Misha, a lack thereof, so it's a balance. They bring a taste of everything to the table. I'd not be surprised if Spencer pulls more stops on the next album, he and the rest are just phenomenal at what they do. 
Mike Scanlan
+Lucas Jenkins Metalcore is just a fusion of metal and hardcore music. Its actually a sub genre of Punk. Its punk music with metal influences, the style of metal is not important. ITs up to the band. Although most just do the thrash thing.
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that chorus is all i wanna hear like forever and ever
Luka Markač
+iLOVEprog this comment sums it up
Blake Warrens
dustin berg
Gotta love that FAALLLOOWWWW At 1:44 :3
Absurd Blue
They've removed this song from Spotify and Apple Music. Wtf?
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+Connor Gilkinson I don't think he was complaining about having to pay $10/month, he just doesn't like the business model in general. and refuses to use them (let alone pay for them) because of that. Although torrenting music is much worse than using streaming services like Spotify, so I don't understand why he would rather torrent..
+Connor Gilkinson I think the main reason why I was against it might be because streaming services came too little too late as a result of people just stealing music. Either that or because it makes people's lives more difficult when trying to access their music while trying to access other things too.
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Saw Periphery play their first show in New Zealand last night, unfortunately Spencer was incredibly sick and could only play the first 4-5 songs before he completely lost his voice, but the others carried on instrumental. I've never got a crazier buzz at a concert from hearing the crowd sing this chorus while still going nuts.
Djentgasm at 0:34
Lord Fiend
/djentgasms omfg...
Joe Torres
I finally got around to hearing their debut album, and now that I've heard their entire discography, I will still confidently say that this is their best album. Select Difficulty is going to be an interesting record, but I'm confident it'll surpass all expectations!
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Dylan Ost facepalm mute's chorus is awesome, especially bridge before it. It's epic and mighty. Unfortunately I was very disappointed by p3
Dylan Ost for me riffs of perihery ii are so tasty and catchy. Select difficulty is so pop and so boring in my opinion. No groove. Even prayer position and motormouth have technical riffs, but not interesting.
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According to Misha, Spencer wrote most of the riffs in thus song :o http://ask.fm/MishaPeriphery/answer/125376765931
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+Blueskythinking glad to see you here again dude. Been awhile, hope you're in good health haha .We used to scour the YouTube wastes together. What a rad time.
+Brendon stacey I see you everywhere wtf
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Shane Codringtonn
that chorus is so powerful musically and lyrically
fuck its so good my brain can't handle it
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