Parkour vs Free Running - "The Chase"





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Published on Jan 18, 2009

A short video of Daniel Mills and Cory Jacobsen running around Stratford.
The idea behind the film was 'Which is better, Parkour or Free Running?' and after 3 hours of filming, at least 30 minutes of footage and 3 days of changing minds about editing we came up with this 3 minute video of an intense chase scene.
The music was made by Jackson Kyle (YouTube username: Jackgatman) when I specifically asked him to make a high intensity techno beat with about a 40 second intro and an intense outro. The song is called Epic Song For Cory.

Enjoy it as much as we did making it! :)

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Hannibal Zulu
Parkour was invented by David Belle and Free Running was invented by Sebastian Foucan. Parkour is a discipline that trains the mind and body to overcome any obstacles in between traveling from point A to point B. Free Running is about self expression and artistic body demonstrations like flips and other tricks. I can tell that many people are solely depending on YouTube to educate them on this subject. YouTube can be confusing because there are numerous Free Runners who advertise their videos as "Parkour" videos when in fact they are Free Running videos. There's even a few dare devil and gymnastic videos around advertised as "Parkour" No one minds except TRUE Traceurs because they know that Parkour is more than a pasttime (unlike Free Running, gymnastics and dare deviling). Parkour is a serious martial art that teaches one how to escape dangerous situations in the most efficient way possible. It's important to read books when trying to educate yourself on a subject and THEN maybe compliment that education with a YouTube video. YouTube by itself makes for poor education on any subject.
Jeff ITW
What if you wanna learn about the king of YouTube WATCH YOUTUBE Its how u learn about him
escape through my veins
thank youuu I been parkouring for a little bit and People been saying I'm doing it wrong because I don't flip or do much tricks .
So free running is more like a show off version of parkour in a sense?
TheRougeBrothers 1
398cecilio I hate how people make Parkour videos and then it's all free running or tricking
Yup. That's right.
Ok. I have extreme respect for free runners. But I personally prefer to focus my training on parkour. For those who aren't aware, parkour is getting from point a to b in the fastest time possible, while freerunning is more about expression and the art of movement. 
TheRougeBrothers 1
Deaf by Hip-Hop I agree
Deaf by Hip-Hop
Freerunning is for douchebags.
Elbert Bazen
In reallife parkour always wins
Matthew Hopkins
There's a big difference between parkour and freerunning
i find that parkour has more uses than free running as you can escape from people like cops and bullys easily :P
Malachi Walo
ghetto nigga
from the cops haha
Brennan Bowyer
Parkour would easily win because freerunning is an art of movement where you express yourselves through flips and spins and tricks. Parkour is about getting from A to B as quick and efficient as possible using climbing, jumping, vaulting etc. that just means that with all due respect to freerunners all of that would be unnecessary in a chase albeit really cool
I hate freerunning and love parkour. it's all about efficiency wen ur ass is being chased by a hobo with a bazooka
+Reverse Company exactly
Reverse Company
I prefer parkour too
2:27 One of the best wall-running I've ever seen
Martin Oláh
Parkour and freerunning cannot be choosen what is better Parkour is just urban possiblity to sense so faster you can but Freerun its not so much differend only one difference is - Freerunning showing off some cool tricks but parkour not Parkour are faster cause you need to get somewhere Freerunning is slower cause you showing off what you can do... NO ONE IS BETTER !
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