Who's Behind The "Innocence of Muslims" Film





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Published on Sep 14, 2012

"Steve Klein, the California ex-Marine identified as a consultant for the anti-Islam film that apparently triggered violent protests in northern Africa and the Middle East, is finally seeing the fruits of his labor." Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks and Wes Clark Jr. discuss this clown of the earth and his film.


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Comments • 2,658

Joshua Walker
Blame the ones exercising their freedom of speech for what other people did in reaction to it. Are you a fool? They didn't start the mess the people who rioted and killed started the mess. You guys were right about one thing though... The morons do start things, you're just blaming the wrong "morons."
The Young Turks once again prove what tools they are.
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Joseph Flynn
This guy is a complete liberal DAESHBAG. His moronic explanation of Innocence of Muslims would be comical if he wasn't such an asshole.
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Chris Thompson
Hes drinking a beer! Everything he says is invalid because he drinks beer! Lol TYT...you guys have ruined yourself. Wonder why you lost all of your views and subs when you became Muslim apologists and Sam Harris ate your lunch lol.
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Montana Hovatter
I love how people jump to defend Islamic bull shit. But it is ok to offend Christians, Christians don't kill people over a movie, and the leftist media don't protect Christians when they get bashed. Islam is shit. Who cares about this movie.
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Alton Parker
the guys in the video are idiots. Blame the movie makes for freedom of speech.
Hoppy Hoppers
Who cares who made it. The barbarians are the ones who kill over movies and you are focusing on the people who make silly, cartoonish movies. You guys are clowns for giving cover to psychotic, religious zealots who have killed over inane nonsense. Drawing a picture is a death sentence? You are an embarrassment. You are sympathizing with murderers over the people who are standing up for liberty over religious tyranny. Go back to your barbarous Muslim cave if you want to censure speech you don't like.
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cenk you are full of shit.. always have been always will be.  
Al Aqsa
fuck that stupid old idiot man PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!
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I'm a Muslim and I only got one thing to say abt this film and its maker. No matter how many lies you tell the world abt Islam, it is still the fastest growing religion in the world and is poised to overtake Christianity as the largest religion in the world. ISIS is a Wahhabi group, Wahhabis are of saudi stock and saudi royals are the major ally of all Western Countries. If the world doesn't know that, then the world is woefully ignorant. And there is nothing a Muslim can do about someone else's ignorance. For if we turn to the media to put things straight, the media is owned and controlled by zionists. Zionists are the worst and only enemy of Christians, Muslims and Jews. They are of parasitic nature and thrive on having us hate and kill each other. The day these parasitic zionists are exterminated, that day there shall be peace all over the world. From Makkah, to Jerusalem, to Moscow, to Washington DC, to Beijing, to Sao Paolo, to Caracas, to Jakarta, to Islamabad, to Abuja, to Cairo and etc. Exterminate Zionism and see peace proliferate across the globe. 
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