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Published on Jul 8, 2007



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How much does it cost to generate the radio waves that are used to generate the fire that drives the motor?
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Bas Belasi
I wouldn't be surprised if this man miraculously died in a tragic accident ! killed by a our own greedy government .
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This is so misleading. They never go into how much electric is being used to generate the radio waves to heat the saltwater This is just the hydrogen lie boondoggle again. ‘IT’S FREE, IT’S FREE‘ IT’S FREE, IT’S FREE….. Well, no, it’s not free, nor is it green. I see people writing her about using the 12 volt system on the car…. Once again, no concept of the power needed to make hydrogen, or how much hydrogen gas would be needed to run your car. 0 sum gain. There is no free energy, it all cost something, if you think it’s free, you just don’t understand how it works, or the costs involved in collecting it. You can say fire wood is free energy…. Well until you spend a day buying a chain saw, gas, oil, files for the saw, cutting trees, splitting trees, staking wood, drying wood, hauling it into the house, buying a wood stove, piping, mantle, and so on and so on, then tell me how much the free heat cost. This is the solar panel lie… once again, where do solar panels come from??? Heaven? Lol They cost a lot of money relative to power output, they don’t last forever, they take up a lot of room, they use sun, sun that now can’t be used for passive heating or growing plants, they don’t make electric when covered in snow, at night, rainy days. Many don’t make power if even 5 or 10 % of the panel is covered by say a leave from a tree, any shade on any part of the panel shuts down the whole panel…. But it’s ‘IT’S FREE, IT’S FREE‘ IT’S FREE, IT’S FREE….. I like both solar and wood energy, but they are hardly free, sometimes you can’t even break even with other energy’s, but at least they diversifying our energy needs, and to that I agree. But hydrogen don’t even do that, because you HAVE to use LOTS of electric to make it, made more often then not with nuclear or cal power…. So you’re not diversifying at all. It’s like looking at the electric a gas generator makes as “free electric” lol…. BS
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Monel Funkawitz
Using $20 of electricity to break down water into $0.10 worth of hydrogen.  Fool born every minute.
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Albert Einstein
Yeah but how much energy does it take to produce the radiation to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen? I think thats the part he shouldn't have left out thats a crucial piece of the math.
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This is hardly "Free".  As an electrician I have made the electrical connections to a SMALL RF generator in a hospital rehabilitation center to utilize the waves for pain relief.  This small unit, which I am sure is not even close to what is needed to ignite salt water was a 80 amp circuit at an average run load of 58 amps.  This is about the same draw and cost as a typical electric heat system for the average home.  I see no savings here to heat a home as it would cost more to burn salt water in electric than to just use electric heat. I suspect this is why he would like to sell the idea, it is completely impractical for any other use than his original intentions of killing cancer. 
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Makhoe van der Vlugt
How come nobody mentioned how much energy is needed to create the radio waves which keep salt water burning?
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Andy Jones
Good for him. While it's a cool reaction and noble effort, these news people are boneheaded. Its burning saltwater for free, its converting electricity (at a loss) to split water into h and o, then burning it (at a loss) to power an engine (at a loss). Not saying it isn't cool, possibly useful, and maybe even efficient, but this news story is a bit deceitful. 
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This guys lucky he went and showed other scientists before he got whacked, there was an Irishman in the early 1980's who invented an engine that runs on regular water, he was found dead, supposedly this typical irish drunk (bad stereotype) got drunk and fell off or got hit by a train, I forgot which, they said it was as if someone poured alcohol all over him, official report said death resulted by him being drunk and out of control, typical irish man right? Thing was he was strongly against Alcohol and never drank a day in his life, cover-up much? 
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Robert Gantry
OK, so you make saltwater burn. But what about the power required to make the radio frequency beams? Is THAT free, too?
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