Touhoumon Lunatic Walkthrough Part 54 - 6th Gym Leader, Natsume





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Published on Mar 7, 2010

This fight would have been easier if half of my level 70s weren't Fighting types -_-
It would also be easier if I took the time to train my party a bit. I think level 75 isn't too long to reach, and should make this fight not too hard.

Satori likes to use Perish Song to prevent you from beefing up your Touhoumon. She also has the Shadow Tag ability, so you'll have to kill her to switch out. You can use this against her though : she'll still use it if one of your Touhoumon has the Shadow Tag ability, so you can sacrifice it to defeat Satori and Yukari, as long as you survive long enough for Perish Song to activate. Satori can't attack you anyway.
Another way is to use the Prismrivers, as they are immune to it. Start the battle with whatever you want, then switch them in. They'll be forced to switch out three turns later. Meanwhile, you can spam the stat-raising attacks and Baton Pass them the turn before they switch out to get a free hit against the sweepers.
-- EDIT -- I'm an idiot. Satori has Shadow Tag, so this can't work :V

Yukari will raise her defenses and will sometimes use Psychic for decent damage. Even Rumia has trouble getting rid of her, so defeating her with that Perish Song trick is very helpful.

I wanted to use Rumia (using Crunch) to defeat the sweepers, but many of them have Signal Beam, which always OHKOed Rumia, so I switched to Sakuya. But Shinki and Alice are much more threatening than Shikieiki or Patchouli, so it works pretty well. They have the annoying tendancy to use Protect/Detect, and Shinki even knows both of them, which is really stupid because the 50% failure rate after consecutive uses carries over.

Lol at Satori using Perish Song at the end with nobody left to switch in.


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