[Amstrad Cpc] Impossamole longplay part 1/8

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Publicado el 2 abr. 2008

(Gremlin, 1990)

Monty Mole has been called out of retirement by some aliens to destroy five guardians. The adventure takes Monty through the Klondike mines, the Amazon rainforest, the Orient, and Iceland, before the final encounter in Bermuda. You can choose to play any of the first four levels in any order you want. This is a good thing, because if you had to start on a particular level, you'd never get to see the other four! It's a very difficult game, and even worse, you've only got one life. The graphics are very cheerful and colourful, but there's very little sound. Thankfully, you can play enough of the game to keep coming back to it, but it's still much too tough.


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