EXPLAINER: Who Pays Income Taxes?





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Published on Sep 19, 2012

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks breaks down the recent "47% of Americans don't pay income tax" comment by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Cenk breaks down just who is in this 47% that Romney is talking about. Also discussed is the real percentage of Americans who pay no federal income tax, and which federal tax benefits Republicans favor.

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Comments • 875

That explains how Romney ended up w/ 47% of the popular vote in the end. Sweet, sweet irony.
Eron Powell
you also realize that is the Democrats in that states who don't pay taxes and it is the needy poor whi want people to pay for their lazy selves that don't pay taxes.Right? DO YOUR REASERCH BEFORE YOU SPOUT LIES PLZZZZ.
   Sadly Despite The Facts PPL Will Continue To Vote Against their Own Interest Based On Misinformation & Other Wedge Issues.    Nobody Likes Paying TAXES But I Bet MOST PPL Can Only Wish They Could Complain About Paying Millions...
Thats because there are a lot of blacks in the south
Savanna Chase
This young turds head is going to explode is trump wins again..
Orlando Tax
I disagree with the government tax money on science in most cases. However infrastructure and some social programs have a benefit.
Mr Cabot
If American taxes were used well, like a 50% reduction in military spending, a clamp down on tax cheats, and welfare cheats (white collar, the poor rarely steal anything of any significance) the USA would be on it's way to clearing that humungous debt...
Mr Cabot
+I am Your Father Demonstrably untrue, isn't it.  LOL  The richer they get the more robotics they invest in.  The elite have ONE goal, eliminate the financial power of the masses, especially the more militant or potentially so; MEN.
Alex Turlais
no, that would be socialism. we have to let the rich get away with not paying taxes so they can create millions of jobs
Receiving a child tax credit is indirectly stealing because the money you don't pay is forced to be payed by someone else.
Hold on, is TYT really trying to argue that only 7% of non-elderly Americans have a salary of $30,000 or less?!? Because that is some B.S.
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Kilo Hoyle
Well, 7% of the country is still pretty significant: over 22 million people. What Cenk is saying is that the way Mitt Romney is framing the problem is not the best explanation.
Timothy Flood
+tomatodamashi uh, well, at least you know where my sentences start and end. he didn't put punctuation and over used capitalization.
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Mike L.
i think mitt should keep on doing what he's doing. that way, he will never actually get into office XD. now i'm no obama freak, but anything is better than mitt. and i used to be a republican...

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