How to get Emperor Robes for Oblivion on Xbox 360 or PS3





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Published on Mar 17, 2008

Thats right everyone! I did it again.

First i Discovered and invented a new and different way for you all to duplicate items. Now with using my Cloned Duplication method i have discovered for the FIRST TIME anywhere how to get the Emperors robes!!!

I bring to you my new Invention. "How to get the Emperors Robes for X-box 360 and PS3!!!!"

This has never before been discovered!

I took a lot of time to also discover this fun trick!! I hope you all enjoy owning the Emperors Robes as much as i do!

Note: The Emperors Robes don't have any defense or special stats. They are simply a rare article of clothing that you would wear such as mages robes or red silk robes.

The Emperors Robes do provide 100% Magic effectiveness though just like most other robes do. So this is a GREAT edition to add to your list of items if your a collector of items in oblivion just like i am.

If you all enjoy this video please subscribe as i will be making MANY more unique oblivion videos!

Comments and Ratings are appreciated!

Well everyone....Enjoy the new Emperors Robes!!! =D

Special Notes: Hey everyone I've receive a lot of questions regarding the Emperors Robes and how some people aren't able to get them.

"Why can't i get the Emperors Robes. The body isn't there?" "I Can't get back in the sewers."

I'll list this in the Description here so this way you people understand why you can't get them and what you need to do to fix that.

You have to avoid 2 very important things.

1. Make sure you NEVER and i mean NEVER deliver the Amulet of Kings to jaufree you have to be willing to keep it either forever or as long as it takes for you to get the Emperors Robes. Once the Amulet of Kings is delivered the Emperors Body disappears for good.

2. The second thing you need to avoid is the Dark brotherhood quest that asks you to kill the prisoner in the Imperial city prisons. The mission that requires you to get a key and go back into the sewers to reach the prisoner and kill him. Once you do this quest the game initiates some pesky protocol that wipes the entire sewer system of all its contents meaning that the Emperors body will disappear forever along with the old sewer look. Once you enter the sewers this way through the dark brotherhood quest they will look different and the Emperors Body will be gone. So make sure you avoid doing dark brotherhood quests until you have safely obtained the Emperors robes and you are ready to move on.

Special Notes: Hey everyone I also receive a lot of questions about how to get the Spell Risen Flesh and Skull of Corruption. So I'll list it here as well.

"Hi. Where can i get the Skull of Corruption and the Risen flesh spell?"

1. Skull of Corruption: Ok firstly to get the Skull of Corruption all you have to do is complete vaerminas quest. Find her shrine and then complete the quest. the reward she gives you at the end of the quest will be the Skull of Corruption.

2. Risen Flesh Spell: Ok secondly to get the Risen Flesh spell you need to obtain the shivering isles expansion pack. Once that is done you need to collect all 5 unique skulls from the shivering isles continent and bring them to the ghosts on the hill of suicides and then once you return all 5 of the skulls the ghosts will reward you with the ability of Risen flesh.

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