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Published on Dec 24, 2007

It is not I who holds the answers...nor is it they.

The world continues to spin on its axis, seasons pass, generations live and die, and still the face of reality changes; transforming itself from the past to the future with a brief respite in the present.

I connot judge the events of my present. I am unable to deem them triumphs or foibles. Undoubtedly, historians will grapple with these questions, leaving me to ponder merely the inconsequential implications.

Development: Some define it as progress--others as detrimental. Whether it manifests itself in dams or runways, infrastructures or reserves, protection or demolition; it is a continual process. Despite the outcome of political wrangling, lobbying, demonstrating and legislating, the world will not freeze-frame for an instant.

My species is limited only by its imagination.

Having successfully dominated all other life forms; the battle with the womb begins. The false assumtion is that our home remains stagnant; that we can control this eternal constant.

It bears the reminder that all we accomplish is but a temporal gain or loss. The transformations we inflict cannot compare with the magnitude of the almost imperceptible but irreversibly qrotesque evolution of the world we do not understand.

It is not my place to herald the technological advances assosiated with major projects. there are those who will stand on their soap boxes and proclaim their vast knowledge and superiority, should you wish to listen.

Nor is it my place to lament the sins of civilization in abandoning the past. More will crowd their churches and legislatures advocating the status quo.

I merely wish to observe. Facts conflicts. Opinions clash. Predictions vary.

Regardless of the conclusion, I remain certain that life will go on. Civilizations will adapt and transform. Indifferent to my species' efforts, the metastasis of our environment will continue. Whether aided or hindered by the zealous ignorance of humanity, it is the true definition of transition. Likewise, the human entity must adapt or die; by its own hand or universal evolution.

©John Mingolla 1991


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