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Uploaded on Jan 1, 2008

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-HQ vimeo stream provided by Healbot, many thanks!


1.:Kotoko - Face of Fact
2.:Pendulum - Hold your colour
3.:West Avenue - Midnight
4.:F-Zero X - grand prix ending
-download: http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=VAQC5X2K

-FORUM videothread with additional info:

My video shows the golden rules of medic gameplay and is for entertainment. Fits for young medics who want an insight of this wonderful class and old medic compadres for entertainment. I'm going to show the core gameplaystyle of the medic. If you watch this video pls write a comment and let me know what you think about it!

If you ask yourself, why the Medic is awesome? Because if you get "in the zone" with the medic, it's like a field commander and you can turn the tide of a battle easily, if played right! It's a more strategic way to play this game, focused on controlling not killing! If you improve all the golden rules and your clanteam works well, try out 6v6 matches vs other clans that's much harder as medic than public matchups, because medics play a center role here with 100% healing, perfect dodging/movement/communication and well timed Ubercharges! The weapons are ABSOLUTLY last option in league games :) The key is to get familiarity to your teammates, that's most important for success!

Also i have to add that the medic skill is not aiming, it's mostly brainwork/overview, awareness against any threat(esp. spies,snipers). It also pays off if you heal GOOD players, the healing enhances the survivalability, what's a big bonus for veteran soldiers, demos, heavies and pyros! Also you recieve a better protection from good players, heal them first!

Medics can kill people, but we can't do it efficiently! It's a much bigger challenge to heal the right person, to stay alive while doing so and use the weapons only when you are forced to. My formula is 90% healing 10% weapons on publics.

The MOVEMENT is very essential for success. You always need to think about how dangerous the area is where you are healing, if you have good teammates who create a secure area for their medics it's the best condition for us! Always maintain a 360° awareness against any threat, heal 100% efficient and take position where you have the least danger!

UBER-NERF: Uber more than 1 target drains the energy faster!

Some numbers:
1 target = 10secs total uber
2 targets = 6-7secs
3 targets = 4-5secs
4 targets = 2-3secs


Definitly a better version of the syringegun. It sucks 3 health per hit and cannot crit, so you lose a bit of your damage potential, BUT it greatly enhances your survivability if you're good with aiming/movement.

The ubercharge provides 100% crit, -NO- invulnerability and charges _25% faster_ than the normal medigun (average: 10secs faster than medigun, if they start at the same time). So you can't afford any movement mistakes and the use compared to the normal uber is different. It works great as ambush support, as a surpriseattack when the enemy doesn't expect a critshower. Also it's very nice if you use it combined with the normal uber, it can be stacked. You need a good package of skill and routine on both medic and patient side, to get the max out of the KritzKrieg and you need to practice to know the right time to use it, by not exposing yourself too early. Sentries, crits and counter-ubers are the maincounters to the Kritzkrieg. It's also a very nice choice for the fresh released Arena mode, good stuff Kameraden!

-UBERSAW: This one is very powerful and is also definitly better than then normal bonesaw. You gain 25% uber per hit and you swing 20% slower, but that's only a disadvantage, if you face another melee opponent! This rewards the bonesaw hits you can land between the healing, especially spies can give you 50-75% uber if they are spotted and killed by you! TIP: Don't overuse it!! ;)
-A funny "tactic" of the ubersaw...


-ALSO: Here is a very good written medic guide for competetive play, which also applies to public play! Read it and be enlightened:

Lean back, turn up the volume and hopefully enjoy the show :)

hf Dr.HeadStrikeR !


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