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Uploaded on Sep 22, 2011

Same pattern of "attack" spanning 2 different continents now. Please wake up & research Jordan Maxwell's deliberate mutation of humanity. PLS READ BELOW

You need to look at all of the data points I've provided to substantiate that this mutation is indeed in effect, most of which have been corroborated by circumstantial or physical evidence (see my other posts):
-sound, rational, caring professional accelerating the ranks of in upper management w/in one of the largest tech companies of the world
-has speculation that "all is not what it seems" & experiences paranormal events
-subject notices gradual physical anomalies manifesting in others - primarily in cranial structure (suture/ridge area of forehead) & malformations of teeth
-subject gets stalked & assaulted with sound for a month (see video posts including sounds of "nature)
-military training exercises being daily/hourly non-stop coincidentally over subject's location (see video posts)
-subject manifests SAME unnatural changes in skull & teeth (see MRI video post)
-subject goes public with speculation despite ridicule & massive suppression - gets falsely incarcerated
-upon release subject is advised NOT to have MRI scans done by medical professionals despite suffering from chronic headaches & relaying cranial structure anomalies manifesting
-subject takes it upon himself to have MRI done & insists in the ER; when asked about a comparison to '09 results was brushed away & told it looked fine
-subject obtained medical report which indicated NO comparison was performed
-subject obtained medical scans himself which validate UNNATURAL change (see video)
-upon trying to make sense of it all subject comes across theories, one of which made by Jordan Maxwell, that the human race is deliberately being mutated by the "powers at be" (research Jordan Maxwell on YouTube)
-subject was "messaged" from beyond that this is an attack upon humanity but self-determination & unity of our race will prevail
-subject begins noticing orbs & chemtrails along with military (see video)
-subject goes overseas where across Europe military & chemtrails litter overheaddaily (50+ a day) from villas to large cities (see video)
-subject notices extreme anomalies from trails spewing from mountainside (see video)
-subject returns to States & again is chemtrailed w/ military (see video)
-At the end of the day I've experienced daily paranormal/bizarre activity ever since I first went public with this in May - much of which I have shared via YouTube

I'm not sure what else to say here. I'm just a guy trying to make sense of a very real, startling yes, and profound experience upon after performing research it ties DIRECTLY to folks like David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, etc have been saying all along. I'm as shocked as you all. If anyone else has any other plausible theories to what might be happening please let me know.

Again I'm not imaginative enough to come up with a tale like this along with conjuring up daily bizarre events, videos, etc just to make the "tale" more interesting, all the while ensuring that not a SINGLE one of my claims could be refuted. I am smart enough to put the pieces together however, no matter how crazy they may seem, and just perhaps none of the pieces can be refuted because they are all truths - and in that truth lies exactly what we as a race will need to overcome this. Truth in the fact that we are not to blame. Truth in the fact that we are eternal souls with an fundamental angelic eternal connection to each other. Truth in understanding the nature of our existence & how we have been duped & manipulated for 1,000's of years. Well not anymore - self-detemination & unity will prevail.
Please take a look at my other posts, perform your own research, & be observant. I have posted much more detail about my story at www.anunnakiagenda.com

Take care


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