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Published on Dec 24, 2010

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The conclusion to JonTron's colossal list.

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Teddy Rubskin
NO Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past!?!? No Secret of Mana?! No Star Fox?! No mention of Demon's Crest!? No Killer Instinct!?!  No Total Carnage or Super Bomber Bomberman!?!? Didn't mention any of the Megaman X games!?!? No Michael Jordan in Chaos in the Windy City!?!? ... ok.... never mind on that last one
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or you know, an older one.
Andy Frogman
Bad troll is bad.
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Denn Green III
At first I was like wtf no Zelda? No Crono Trigger? And then I realized it was his list, not ours. Like he says in the video, a game that means nothing to one person, could mean everything to another, based off of how nostalgic it is to you. One mans trash is another mans treasure, if you will.
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Andy ggbutton
Jon is noted to hate the 2d Zeldas but I'm a little surprised he didn't have chrono trigger in either because he had final fantasy VI (or III if you will)
Game Over
+podcastique He did mention Zelda: A Link To The Past in the "Top Ten Most Overrated Games" video.
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Maximilian Fox
I'm just wondering how Link to the Past didn't even make it on the list O.o It was a revolutionary game, a masterpiece. In my opinion, it's the best zelda game, more so than Ocarina or Majora's mask . The fact that it wasn't even on the list at all astounds me
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Nick VanderKooi
+halo is fun bro Well I wouldn't have put it on my list either. DUN DUN.
Nick VanderKooi
It's his list! Ya fool!
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Why isn't Chrono trigger on this list? I mean yeah FF III/VI but not Chrono Trigger?
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Aaron Carson
+MegaTamaMan I find a lot of people seem to swing for either Chrono Trigger or FF VI, but not both. Not sure why, except for possibly which one you played first or at all. Such as myself, I never played FFVI as a kid (never saw it), but I always loved me some Chrono Trigger.
Because he stated that it's his list
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Jon's monologue at the end states exactly why I have my preference to Nintendo at this point. I feel that they're the only game company that produces games SOLELY for the experiences, the graphics are the silver lining to a gold picture with Nintendo. Also they're the only producer of games that you can pick up and play without spending more money for the entire game or getting half of a terabyte of updates on your system.
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+ShadowKosmos  I think it's awesome that Nintendo still makes consoles. But I think it's bothersome to use the most recent ones. If they focused on making games and perhaps make their peripherals available for PC I would play the crap out of all of them. But that whole console thing is a border I don't tend to cross often. Only when there's a complete must play release like a new Zelda or Mario game, then I put in the energy to get it played. But I'm missing out on so much other Nintendo stuff, it makes me a little sad.  I only have Steam really, that comes my way with its content. The money I spend on Steam is ridicules, there's a Winter or Summer sale, or Mid-week sale, or any random sale and I just buy what ever's on my wishlist without thinking all that much about it. Nintendo is totally missing out on that market I think. Plus it would be Amazing for me and everyone else I know.
+Broockle That would be TERRIBLE. Nintendo has always been it's own entity, a company that makes amazing games for their amazing systems. The second Nintendo allows other consoles/platforms to have their games would be the day Nintendo as a company dies. You but Nintendo systems to play Nintendo brands like Mario, Legend of Zelda, Pikmin, Pokemon, etc.
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In your defence on mario rpg, you did legally own the game, so no harm done.
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Dr. Yjemer Zwaan
+Bradley Doesnt Give A Fox The conception that you're allowed to download a ROM if you own a copy of the game is false. It is not legal to pirate software. HOWEVER... it IS legal, if you own the game, to make a backup copy of the ROM yourself. So, given that it is legal to make a backup of a game you own, and a downloaded copy of the ROM would be indistinguishable from a backup you made yourself without some detective work, the conception arose over time that owning the game means it's legal to download a copy of the ROM. In any case, I don't give a fuck about pirating 20-30 year old software and neither should anyone else.
Trent Lane
+Chris Anderson Indeed, correct that is.
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Jack Bandit
12:04 there is no suspense here... It's obviously A Link to the Past.  WAIT WHAT!?
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Jack Bandit
I wasn't criticizing his opinion...
Bonk, Herr of Tim
+Sonya Lappin this
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"It wasn't about how many Gigabytes of RAM you had," yeah, it was about how many Bits you had. This is a joke not to be taken seriously
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Aidan Lappin
That's actually correct
Xeno Yaut
+Petey It was about the RAM :P (16GB club)
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Santiago Lopez Tarnassi
You can't seriously call emulating retro games "pirating". You can only buy used discontinued copies, so neither the programmers nor the video game companies get any money from it... It's not like they're still new for sale...
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Just Thomas
I have to ( politely ) disagree , in my opinion , as long as there still is a patent/copyright to the game . Mostly because if you formatted the rom/iso to a cartridge / cd , you could sell it and make money . Also , as a second point , many older games have been released on the 3ds , such as sonic the hedgehog and kirby's adventure ( and many more ).
+Santiago Lopez Tarnassi  That's even going a step too far for me xD When I bought an original copy of an NES game back in the day then I'm definetely going to pirate it when I feel like playing it since PC emulator is just way more convenient to me. Even if it comes out on virtual console I do not feel obliged to get it there.
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Martin Down
Every time someone calls it 'Diddy Kong's Quest' and disregards the 'conquest' pun a cute animal dies.
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I never knew that pun was a thing.
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