There's Always A Reason ~ Part 1





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Published on Sep 9, 2012

Decided to upload this...

Sooo I made it to the next round! Woohoo! I really had no hope on making it but since I have.... I'm haaaaaappppppyyyy!

Now this theme, in my opinion is sooooo much easier!

Enjoy :)

Theme: Sad
Entry: AlwaysJemi's Round 3


Demi rolls her eyes as she hears a car horn for the millionth time. Did this boy have any patience? Giggling quietly she grabs her bag walking out of her room and down the stairs. "Mom I'm going out!"

"And where would that be?" Diana asks coming into the young girl's view

"To the beach with Joe" Demi replies grinning

Diana laughs lightly. "Okay, have fun and make sure to be home before it gets dark"

"Promise!" Demi quickly hugs her mother before running out of the house closing the door behind her. "Hey Joe!" Demi says as soon as she gets in the passenger seat

"Hey Angel" Joe says using the special nickname he gave her when they first met at the age of thirteen which was nearly five years ago. He leans forward pecking her lips lightly

She pouts. "That's all I get?"

He rolls his eyes before pulling her face closer to his kissing her, she smiles through it before licking his lips wanting a little bit more but unfortunately for her he pulled away and started the engine before pulling out of the driveway.

"You're a meanie" Demi states pouting once again

Joe chuckles. "Yeah yeah. Just put your seatbelt on, don't want you to get in a car accident do we?"

"No because your life would be dull without ME!" Demi says smiling hugely as she buckles her seatbelt

"Demi, don't joke like that, you are my life"

She looks at him to see him clutching his hands on the steering wheel till his knuckles went white. "Joe.. what would you do if I did die?" she asks with a little hesitation

"Die as well" Joe answers with NO hesitation

Demi looks at him speechless

"Close your mouth angel, might catch bug" Joe says teasingly making her smile and push back their previous conversation into a new one about pink bunnies...


Joe takes off his shirt before noticing Demi licking her lips, he smirks. "I guess our last connection wasn't enough"

Instantly she blushes. "Shut up"

"You are just too cute"

"Shut.Up" Demi orders blushing harder before stripping down her shorts and taking off her tank top leaving her in her dark purple two piece bikini.
This time it was her turn to smirk as she watches Joe's eyes trail down her body. "Mmm seems like YOU are the one who c-" she gets cut off by Joe kissing her deeply. She gasps surprised which just gave Joe entrance to her mouth. Soon enough the two of them were making out clearly in their own world. People walked passed glancing at them either awing and ewing

Demi pulls away breathless, Joe smirks. "Shall we surf now?" Demi nods smiling.

A few minutes later they rented their surfboards, attached the straps securely on their ankles before rushing towards the ocean, since it was a cool day they didn't need to wear their wetsuits.

Seated on her board Demi looks at the waves. "The waves are amazing today"

"Yeah, they are. I'm gonna go over there okay?" Joe says pointing to his side

"Okay. See ya" Demi says not really caring where he went since at the moment all she wanted to do was surf. She lays on her stomach on the board paddling deeper to the ocean, in the corner of her eye she saw Joe going the other direction, smiling at him.. well the back of his head before turning back around ready to ride the wave.

Demi grins widely. She sure did love surfing! She started young wanting to follow her older brother's footsteps because he and his friends always had talked so fondly about how they felt on the waves so she tried it and well loved it. The next thing you know she was thirteen and in a relationship with Joe, the love of her life, who just happen to share the same passion or as she likes to think obsession, they clicked straight off after meeting each other which by the way was in the water, however it started with a small argument about JOE coming in her way while she was surfing but even she knew that it was a tiny bit her fault as well.. but Joe doesn't or need to know that ;)


Demi gets up on her board sitting down on it since the wave had been strong, still, an amazing feeling. "Hey Ryan"

"Nothing mu-" Ryan stops talking as his gaze fixes on something, or someone. "Isn't that Joe?"

Demi turns her head to see Joe, her eyes widen


Hahaha I'm leaving you guys hanging on this..
If you want more than please comment so I can upload ;D



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