Vaping To Lose Weight?





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Published on Aug 9, 2012


WARNING : "Electronic Cigarettes are for adult use only and not for sale to anyone under the age of 18. They are intended and market as an alternative to smoking tobacco and are not a weight loss aid nor are any health claims made from their use."

Just an idea, so far its been working well for me...

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When I started looking into this a month or two ago, I started thinking about vaping for this use. Now I find this video, so it's nice to see that someone else has the same thoughts on it.
Ri Kuskie
And yes, I do vape ;)
Ri Kuskie
Just make sure to read more about the actual ingredients in vaping liquids, as water isn't even an ingredient in most liquids.
chris reynolds
Awesome to see someone else do something ive been thinking about. thank you dude
Started this recently myself, used to bum an e-cig off a mate when we were out... except he was using it to quit smoking, so it had nicotine. Decided to get my own, just for when I'm out and feel like a vape I don't have to have nicotine that I don't need. (I've never smoked and only use 0mg nicotine juice) Shortly after getting it I realised that vaping works amazingly well as a form of general appetite suppressant. Instead of dessert or a snack I can grab my vaporizer and feel satisfied. I only wish it would become more socially acceptable, people assume I'm quitting smoking or are mortified at the thought of me vaping indoors. There's no reason you shouldn't be able to puff a 0mg vaporizer with your coffee after a meal at an outdoor cafe. (So it doesn't linger around others, some courtesy indoors makes sense) But I'm expected to head to a smoking area and have to deal with the second hand smoke of smokers... when I'm not and never have been a smoker! Have had people do the fake coughing fit when I've let a little puff go as I walk past... next time I might stop and explain, but I'm sure my words would fall on ignorant ears.
Isn't nicotine an appetite suppressant?
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So Stoned
TacticalTimmy12 why tf does it make me hungry
Shi Ro
+sab r yeah and some brands come from china, so enjoy that taste of poison, or find someone making their own juice
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Amethyste Spardel
okay... you are totally like me. I just want a vape pen to draw in my mouth to get that "Sweet" flavor and that is it... THank you so much for posting this video, It makes me feel like I am not a moron for thinking that!!
Raf Tash
I doubt vaping is any less harmful than all the sugars, additives and preservatives in candy which kill far more people from diabetes than vaping has ever killed.
Ri Kuskie
I hope you understand water isn't even an infredient in most liquids if any. It is also not considered "safe" nor "healthy. Propylene glycol shouldn't be inhaled too much as it is toxic in high amounts. Zero nicotine juices almost always (if not always) still contain propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. I hope you look up info and ask experienced vapers about it. Haha, I vape despite these issues but since I wasn't a smoker straight before vaping, I have noticed I can't breathe in as much as I would without, regardless of nicotine. Have a lovely day! ^.^
I vape 0nic and it has helped me lose weight because instead of grabbing a candy bar or something fatty I grab my vape pen and vape that, the flavor kills the craving. The vapor has an amazing taste and keeps my hands out of the cookie jar!
P.S. If you want a stronger flavor order from Mt. Baker Vapor. They sell wonderful juice and you can add extra flavor shots if you want
you can use a e cig if you are 13 ONLY IF IT HAS NO NICTINE
Justin Davis
+jordan lupien Get a job and stop spamming you loser.
Araiellia Divinity ShadowStarr
Saying that smokers don't want sweet flavors is bull shit. I smoked for 17 yrs, I quit thanks to my vape and sweet or fruit flavors. I DO NOT want tobacco flavors never did. Tried them and didn't like them! I have always vaped sweet and fruity and savory flavors. Why don't you check out some of the ecigarette forums before you make a bullshit statement. I have found more vapers that love the sweet and fruity stuff but can't stand the tobacco flavored shit!
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James Conrey Aquatics
Why are you taking him so literally. He was simply suggesting most tobacco smokers would prefer a tobacco flavor when using this device for the mere purpose they started using it lol. Of course you like sweets who doesn't .
+Adam Arzo Hey now, he was telling us the inner dialog he had when people asked him to review them. It is not fair to judge someone on their initial gut reaction, especially when it seems he was NOT a smoker and has had some clearly terrible experiences with smokers in the past.
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payton tolbert
420k subs
Ri Kuskie
Sweetheart, it isn't only water vapor. At least 99.99% of the time it is vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and flavours with or without nicotine. I, as only a former social smoker a few years ago, started vaping a month ago because of stress, anxiety, and troubles dealing with school and current crazy changes in life. I decided to go for 3mg nicotine juices because I craved caffeine and cigarettes for the first time in forever. I was addicted to the coffee even with decaf until I got so sick I couldn't stomach it nor vaping. I still continue to vape. Vaping isn't safe nor healthy. Period. However, it is better than smoking, but not safe completely. I decided to go into vaping with this understanding because my stress and anxiety was too much and I don't believe in the drugs sold by doctors because none have ever worked for me and many depression meds back when I went through deep depression due to traumatic experiences was not safe enough for minors... I am no longer a minor, however I still would rather use something I have had before and know is at least better for me than random chemicals in meds or smoking or drugs considered illegal in my area when dealing with stress and focus. My mother has insisted I have "ADD" or "ADHD" with no known evidence shown to me and put me on adder all and vyvanse etc. and those drugs made it worse and have even made me "like a zombie." Ultimately, understanding the risks of even vaping, I chose that over sky-high cortisol and adrenaline and man-made drugs that only cause more problems. I would not say it is safe, because it greatly affects your health just as having half to all your recommended limit of caffeine per day. I have heard of vaporizing water, alcohol, weed, etc. however in vape shops it is mainly the vg, pg, and flavours with or without nicotine. Have a great day and stay educated, and informed! ^.^
According to government studies its 95% safer than smoking, which is less of a health risk than being fat or anxiety drugs hands down which is why I do it.
3mg is like nothing. I used 45mg, or 4,5%, its good to give many puffs in a row so you get really dizzy and relaxed, and it doesnt help much with adhd, for ADHD it would be better something with a more subtle and continuous effect, as it was Concerta for me - i switched to Vyvanse because Concerta was feeling like a vitamin. I was 10% body fat and many chicks were hitting on me, but i couldnt notice because i was reeeeeeally calm and smooth, thinking about linear algebra, calculus or advanced shit like that, and making ideas like i was in the renaissance; crazy times, great times... Now i cant even use calculus as much as i used before, as fast as before, dedicating more time to it as before... D:
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