Comparison: X-Men vs. Street Fighter, CPS2 x Saturn x PlayStation (Real Hardware) (1080p 60fps)




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Published on Apr 17, 2017

Comparing the arcade version of X-Men vs. Street Fighter on the CPS2 board with the Sega Saturn and PlayStation ports, all using real hardware, with no emulation whatsoever (which can have frame skipping, among other potential differences).

For consistency, all systems were hooked with RGB SCART cables going through the Framemeister upscaler, which was using the same settings all the time, with no scanlines. All videos were recorded using an Elgato HD60 capture device. For best results, please watch in full screen on 1080p60.

- Game: X-Men vs. Street Fighter.
- Arcade: CPS2 board, revision 961004 Hispanic of the game, using a Vogatek Mk.I supergun hooked to the JAMMA connector and outputting 240p video via RGB SCART cable and stereo audio via the RCA connectors on the CPS2.
- Saturn: Japanese game with 4MB RAM cartridge. Console outputting 240p video and stereo audio via RGB SCART cable.
- PlayStation: US game running on original PS1 (not the PSone). Console outputting 240p video and stereo audio via RGB SCART cable.
- Upscaler: XRGB-mini Framemeister, firmware 2.03a, receiving 240p signal via RGB SCART cables and outputting via HDMI in 1080p.
- Upscaler settings: Image_Mode: Picture, Aspect_Ratio: 4:3, Screen_Set: Smart_X2, Color_Set: Brightness: 25, Gamma: 25, Black: 2, Sharpness: 1, Visual_Set: H_Scaler: 7, V_Scaler: 6, Zoom: Off, Special / A/D_Set / A/D_Level: 131, Scanline: Off.
- Capture device: Elgato HD60.

- To avoid cacophony, during the entire video I used only audio from the CPS2, coming from the stereo RCA connectors on the board.
- I only compared idle animations to make my life easier when synchronizing the videos. Maybe in a next video I consider comparing actual moves.
- In the first comparison between characters in the video, with Juggernaut vs. Zangief, I picked a different stage on the arcade version. Sorry for the oversight. In the other comparisons, the stage is always the same.
- The CPS2 version is running faster than the console ones. It was configured to use the default Turbo2 speed, while in the consoles I always chose Normal speed, and I only noticed the difference after recording the videos.
- Consider the last comparison in the video, on the Manhattan stage, a bonus. I only compared the CPS2 and Saturn versions, because I hadn't recorded it on PS1. =/

- Saturn and PlayStation have the same quantity of base main RAM, 2 MB, but X-Men vs. Street Fighter requires the 4 MB RAM cartridge on Saturn, so the game accesses a pool of 6 MB of RAM on Sega's system, compared to 2 MB on the PS1.
- In the opening of the game, CPS2 and Saturn versions are very similar. On PS1, however, there are no backgrounds and the move exhibition with multiple characters on screen was replaced by a single character doing a Super.
- By this sampling, it can be said that the Saturn version is identical to the CPS2 in terms of animation. Any apparent difference can be attributed to the difference in speed (the arcade is fixed at Turbo 2, while consoles use Normal).
- I actually counted animation frames by advancing videos frame by frame. Juggernaut's idle animation, for example, has exactly 8 frames on CPS2/Saturn, but only 4 on PS1. On CPS2/Saturn, Zangief has a 10-frame loop and another 10 frames in another loop with the mouth open; on PS1, only 4 animation frames with the mouth shut. Gambit has 24 frames of animation in his idle loop on CPS2/Saturn; on PS1, he has exactly 2 frames of animation and his cape is actually a separate sprite with 2 frames that are being rotated to give the illusion of movement. With Wolverine, the difference doesn't sound as radical: a 17-frame loop on CPS2/Saturn, compared to 15 frames on PS1, but this leads us to the next topic...
- While on CPS2/Saturn frames are more varied and result in fluid animation, on PS1 transitions are more abrupt between frames, resulting in truncated animation. Taking Juggernaut as an example again, his back leg is fully animated on CPS2/Saturn, but is completely static on PS1. His hands are also completely idle on PS1.
- Most characters have an unique intro animation that is exclusively used in the start of each fight. On PS1, these unique animations were often replaced by frames recycled from other moves.
- The stages, at least, are almost identical between all versions, including Code Red, which starts to move during the fight and go through different corridors until it stops at a different location. On PS1, only some lights when the background starts to rotate are slighly different. Another small difference is in the Dead or Live: The Show stage, where an spectator moves his head intermittently on CPS2/Saturn, but at a constant, non-stop rhythm on PS1.

Also watch a comparison of SoulCalibur I did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rbb7J...

Tell you observations in the comments too! ^__~

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    • X-Men vs. Street Fighter
    • 1996
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