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Published on Aug 8, 2011

Sam's POV:
I close my suitcase and help Molly to pull her pink trainers on, Danny stands holding moms hand, their cases are already in the taxi, I look up at mom sighing, and I close my eyes, why did mom have to do this? I grab my case and throw it into the boot of the car. The members of the glee club stand outside in a line by the stairs, I can't believe that they'd come out at two o'clock in the morning to say goodbye to me, we needed to catch the early flight, I turn around and say good bye to each and every one of them in turn.
Finn: It won't be the same without you man
I bump Finn then move along
Quinn: We're really going to miss you
Kurt: Whose hair am I going to make fun of now?
I laugh and give him a hug
Rachel: Good luck in California
Puck: The football team's gunna suck without you mate
Mike: I'm really sorry
Tina: We'll miss you
Lauren: You were kind of cool, it won't be the same
Santana: I'll miss you trouty mouth
I laugh and pull her in for a hug too
Brittany: I made you some yoghurt sandwiches for the journey
She hands me a bag smeared with white paste and some soggy bread in it
Sam: Umm... thanks Brittany
Artie: Promise me you'll put that voice to good use!
I stop by Mercedes, she smiles a weak smile as tears stream from her eyes, I pull her in and kiss her for what I know will be the last time, our last kiss, it tastes of salty tears and regrets, I pull away
Sam: I'm sorry...
I turn around and clamber into the taxi with mom, Danny and Molly, it begins to drive away, the glee club chase the car as far as they can, but when it gets to the end of the road we're going too fast, I turn around for one last look at the greatest people I will ever know...

*In glee club*

Rachel's POV:
Mr Shu: Ok, I've decided on a winner... we'd like to give the prize to... the girls!
Rachel: Aha!
Santana: Suck it!
Puck: What the hell?
Mr Shu: Congratulations girls, your performance had a lot of raw emotion, congratulations'!
Mercedes: Mr Shu, can I perform a number I've been working on?
Mr Shu: Umm... sure... go ahead
Mercedes: Brad... take it away
*Music starts*
Mercedes: I still remember the look on your face
Lit through the darkness, at one fifty eight
The words that you whispered for just us to know
You told me you loved me so why did you go away... away
I do recall now the smell of the rain
Fresh on the pavement it ran off the plane
That July ninth, the beat of your heart
It jumped through your shirt, I can still feel your arms and now I'll go
Sit on the floor wearing your clothes
All that I know is I don't know
How to be something you'll miss
I never thought we'd have a last kiss
Never imagined we'd end like this
Your name, forever the name on my lips
Just like our last kiss
The music fades away and she stands with her head bowed and her eyes closed, he cheeks are damp with tears as she slowly makes her way back to her seat, the glee club cheer and clap and Kurt wraps his arms around her to cheer her up but she still looks so hurt that its painful. I wish me and Finn had gotten round to throwing him the party, Mercedes would have had a proper chance to say goodbye to him, and now she's hurting so bad and there's nothing I can do about it...
Mr Shu: That was beautiful Mercedes, I'm sorry that...
He stops for a moment, smiling sadly
Mr Shu: Ok, we still luckily have enough members to compete in regionals but if we lose anyone else then we're going to be in deep trouble... so we need a spare, a substitute if you like, if we have a thirteenth member then if something goes wrong, we always have someone else! Finn, Rachel, Puck? Can you think of anyone who would be willing to join glee club?
Puck: Don't look at me, the last time I tried to promote new members I got locked in a porta John!
Mr Shu: Ok... Finn... Rachel? Any ideas?
Rachel: I've tried everyone
Finn: Mr Shu no one wants to join...
Mr Shu: I guess we'll just have to go with what we've got then

*Later that day*

No one's POV:
*Blaine answers the phone*
Kurt: Hey Blaine it's Kurt
Blaine: Well hello! I was just about to call you
Kurt: Blaine... can I talk to you about something...

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