Dear Mr Prime Minister A Nelena Story ep 8





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Published on Dec 14, 2010

Nick: *chuckles and shrugs* I don't care. It's the only way your going to make it to your date with Joe tonight!

Sel: *shakes her head* How did you even know about that?! And it's NOT a date!

Nick: *shrugs* I'm the Prime Minister! I have my ways of knowing things... and it's definately a date! A movie and popcorn?! Come on!

Sel: *rolls her eyes* that's a date for teenagers! For adults, like ourselves, it's what you do with your friends.

Nick: *shakes his head* your so stubborn! *stands up and sits beside her* Can't you accept the fact that he likes you?

Sel: *purses her lips* It's Joe!

Nick: *gives her a look*

Sel: *smiles gently at him* I love him. I do. But not like that... Yo Primey, with all respect, if we're going to sit here gossiping about who you think I should date then I think I outta go... *stands up*

Nick: *stands up too, facing her* I'm not saying you SHOULD date him. I'm just saying that it's pretty obvious that it's all he's thinking about!

Sel: *shrugs* I think I should go if we're talking about guys while one is waiting for me *walks over to the door*

Nick: *watching her*

Sel: *opens the door* now, as awkward as this was, thanks so much for the talk, Boss man! And don't spy on me and Joe again! *grins at him before walking out*

Nick: *sighs, sliding his hands through his curls as his heart beat faster as he heard her shoes walk away* this is not good...

*an hour later*

Sel: *walks out the living room*

Nick: *walking past, sees her and stops* the movie over already?

Sel: *shakes her head with a smile* he fell asleep. Some "date"!

Nick: *chuckles* right, well good luck in that relationship.

Sel: *nods at him* gee, thanks! *smiles* Good night *begins walking up the stairs*

Nick: *watches her go, shaking his head... he could NOT start liking one of his employees. He couldn't!*

*the next day*

Taylor: *walks into Nick's office* You called for me, Sir?

Nick: *looks up at her* Taylor, I'm going to need you to find out more information about Kevin's condition. I need to know more about how long he'll be with us and those kind of details!

Taylor: *nods, about to leave when she turns back* Sir, your not going to make this your priority are you? I mean, don't get me wrong, all of us love Kevin... But just because Selena's concerned about him, it doesn't mean that you have the power to stop it.

Nick: *tries to keep his face blank* I'm sorry?

Taylor: *smiles gently at her boss* Sir, in my opinion, I wouldn't drop matters such as running the country simply to help a... friend... with a sick family member. Selena knows what she's up against and she knows what she's doing. Just remember that... *walks out the room*

Nick: *scoffs, Taylor had gotten the complete wrong idea about why he had wanted the information. However, she was getting very close to the feelings that were beginning to grow*

Sel: *dances in a few seconds later, holding a biscuit in her mouth as she set down Nick's glass and his tablets infront of him on his desk* There you go, Sir. And I was told to inform you that the President of America is here. He's arrived and he's waiting to come in to speak to you.

Nick: *stands up and buttons up his jacket* Thank you, Selena. Would you mind just staying in here for a moment? I need the President to meet one of my workers and you look smart enough...

Sel: *surprised* But Sir, what about Taylor?

Nick: *shrugs* she's not as charismatic as you are *Walks towards the door, pausing and turning back* but please mind what you say! This is important! Meaning; no swearing or "dude" stuff.

Sel: *scoffs* yeah, yeah. Send the dude through! *smirks as Nick rolls his eyes with a smile and walks out*

*five minutes later*

Nick: *smiling and shaking the President's hand* So Sir, if you just proceed through that door and I'll join you in just a moment.

David: *smiles* As you wish! *walks over and through the door, sees Selena* well, hello! I'm David Henrie, the President of America. And you are?

*with Nick*

Taylor: *watching Nick as he walked upstairs* where are you going? The president's in THERE!

Nick: *shrugs* To the bathroom. I'll be back in a second!

*five minutes after that*

Nick: *walks into the office and pauses, shocked*

David: *stood with his back to Nick and his hands all over Selena's body while kissing her neck*


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