Undesired Love// Chapter 1O5





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Published on Mar 12, 2011

Justin was ringing me at like 12 midnight; I didn't know what to do so I panicked and answered it, before quickly realizing this is Justin were talking about so I hung up. I hit my head onto my bed and realizing what a stupid mistake I just made. Just then he called again I took in a huge deep breath before taping on the green button.

I held the phone to my ear before closing my eyes and speaking 'hello?' I said butterflies filling my stomach.

'Hey, its Justin' he spoke into the phone his husky voice seemed like he just woke up, gosh it was such a turn on.
'I know' I said shutting my eyes closed I didn't know what to say. 'How are you?' he said no enthusiasm in his voice whatsoever, great he still hates me.

'I'm good just tired what about you?' I said rubbing my temples, 'nothing, I heard about your baby' he said sadness in his voice? I was actually hurt to hear him say 'my baby' it was actually both our baby wasn't it?

I sighed clearing my throat 'uh yeah I lost it, I'm sorry Justin' I said breaking into tears, whenever someone talked about the baby I'd just cry into tears, I was attached to this baby back when I went to America it was like another part of Justin to me. 'Hey, its okay don't worry bab-'just then he cut himself off and cleared his throat. It made me smile while wiping away the tears.

'Justin, I need you here and I'm sorry for everything, please just come back, this baby was a part of us' I said sobbing uncontrollably; he sighed not really giving me an answer.
'I'll see Melanie' he spoke, again with my full name, I knew it; this was too good to be true, he'll never forgive me. I guess I deserve it 'okay then nice talking to you' I said before hanging up.

I didn't wait for a reply for him, because I was scared of his reply, I wipe away the tears and walk into the shower.

I probably stayed in there for half hour thinking about everything, the baby, Justin, my future. I sighed shaking the thoughts away; I heard knocking on the door. 'Yeah?' I half shouted because it was like 1 AM now and Holly and the rest were probably asleep, then who was knocking? Maybe it was Isaac just bumping into things.

I shut the shower off as I put on my shorts and a simple loose shirt on. I walked out of my bathroom with my hair still wet, I was drying it off as Isaac ran inside barking, I rolled my eyes knowing it was just him banging in my room.

I walked in seeing the last person who'd ever want to see me, yeah that's right. Justin.

Justin was here.

My mind was playing tricks on me, I slap my face a little bit and still see him there, and I was shocked I didn't know what to say.

'Justin!?' I shrieked, he chuckled getting up nodding his head, wow hasn't he changed, he looks way bigger and has built up some muscles, his voice is hot. I gulp my feet leading up to him.

He nodded his head I smiled as I jumped into his arms, he pulled me tighter into the hug, I took in his scent, his scent still smelt like him.

We pulled away as I saw tears in his eyes, but not dared to let them fall, I was the opposite I already burst out crying. 'I missed you Justin' I said clinging tighter into him, that's how much I missed him, I didn't realise till now. 'Baby I'm here now, I missed you too' he said kissing the top of my head.

I looked up to his eyes to see him smiling at me, he leaned in so did I, and in seconds our lips touched each others for the first time in months.

We got more into it as Justin pushed me onto the bed, his body on top of mine but of course keeping his weight off. We stopped before things got heated.

'Sorry' we both said at the same time, he chuckled scratching his neck while looking at the floor biting his lip.
Just then I wanted to attack him, we headed downstairs to talk I made him and myself some hot chocolate. He sat on the stool watching my every move, it made me laugh actually but I didn't want to wake up the others. Did they even know his here?

'Do the guys know your here?' I said whispering, he shakes his head and re adjusting his cap. I sat down placing the mugs quietly onto the counter top. 'thanks' he said rubbing my arm, I smiled 'I'm sorry about the baby

'Mel' he said, I bit my quivering lip as he pulled me into a hug, I let it all out, the cry's the tears, the frustration, me faking to be alright. I let everything I had inside of me out.
'Im so sorry Justin, it was your baby too' I said sobbing uncontrollably. 'Baby these things happen, don't worry I'm right beside you' he said sympathicly kissing my forehead.

There we go, you guys told me to get them back together & I did :) please comment and subscribe only if you like my stories. Thank you all!


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