I Hates Yo' Struttin' Style





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Published on Jan 25, 2014

Maria tells Sportin' Life just what she thinks of him. Frazier, a fraudulent lawyer, enters, to sell Bess a 'divorce' from Crown, but is interrupted by Archdale

Maria: I hates yo' struttin' style, yes sir, and yo' goddamn silly smile
And yo' ten cent diamonds and yo' five cent butts...oh, I hates yo' guts
Somebody's got to carve you up to set these peoples free
And the writin' on the wall says it's a goin' to be me
Some night when you is full of gin and you don't know I's about
I'm goin' to take you by the tail and turn you inside out
Friends with you, low-life? Hell, no!
He ha ha! I's figgerin' to break your bones, yes sir, one by one,
And then I'm goin' to carve you up and hand you in the sun
I'll feed yo' meet to buzzards and give 'em belly aches
And take yo' bones to Kittiwah to poison rattlesnakes
Friends with you, low life? I fears I must decline.
I sooner cut my own throat 'fore I calls you a frien' of mine!

Mornin' lawyer, lookin' for somebody?

Frazier: Porgy live here, don't he?

Maria: He sho' do; right over there's his room.
Here, Porgy, here's lawyer Frazier to see you.

Frazier: Mornin' Porgy

Porgy: Mornin' Lawyer

Frazier: Ain't that Crown's Bess in yo' room?

Porgy: No, sir, she ain't, she's Porgy's Bess.

Frazier: Ah ha, ah ha, Porgy's Bess, eh? Then I guess she'll be wantin' divorce

Porgy: Huh?

Frazier: If the woman livin' wid you now, she got to have divorce
From Crown or else it ain't legal

Porgy: How much that ting cost?

Frazier: One dollar. That is, if there ain't no complications

Porgy: Bess, you likes to have divorce?

Bess: What you think, Porgy?

Porgy: I'm a-goin' buy you a divorce.

Frazier: Wait a minute, it ain't legal yet. Your name?

All: Bess!

Frazier: Your age?

Bess: Twenty year.

All: Lord, lord, listen what she say! That girl's thirty if she's a day!

Frazier: You desire to be divorced from that man Crown?

All: Yes, she do, suh, sho' she do!

Frazier: I'm askin' you.

Bess: Yes Boss, that's true.

Frazier: Address the court as 'Yo' honor.'

All: Yes, yo' honor

Frazier: When was you an' Crown marry?

Bess: I don't rightly remember, yo' honor

Frazier: One year, five year, ten year, what?

Lily: Dat gal ain't never marry!

Frazier: Ah, that's a complication!

Porgy: You can't sell her divorce, gimme back my dollar!

Frazier: 'Course I sells divorce. You got no right to laugh,
But it take expert to divorce woman what ain't marry,
And it cost you, ahem, dollar and a half

Bess: Don't pay him, Porgy, don't let him take you in!

Frazier: All right, go on livin' in sin.

Good day to you, Missis Porgy. Only dollar and a half to change from woman to lady

Scipio: Dey's a Buckra comin'

Annie: What he say?

Serena: A white gentleman

Archdale: Boy! Come here, boy! I'm lookin' for a man by the name of Porgy.
Which is his room? Come, don't you know Porgy?

Scipio: No, suh.

Archdale: I'm lookin' for a man named Porgy; can you direct me to his room?

Clara: Anybody here know a man name Porgy?

Archdale: Come, I'm friend of his, Mister Archdale. I have good news for him.

Serena: Go 'long and wake Porgy. Can't you tell folks when you see 'em?

Clara: Oh, you mean Porgy! I ain't understand what name you say.

Mingo: Oh, the gentleman mean Porgy

Jake: That's him, boss, that's old Porgy. Glad to serve you, boss.

Clara: Wake up, Porgy. A gentleman come to see you.

Porgy: How you does, boss?

Archdale: Good morning. I've come to tell you about your friend, Peter,
Who got locked up on account of the Robbins murder.

Porgy: How you come to care, boss?

Archdale: His folks used to belong to my family and I heard he was in trouble.

Porgy: He sho' got plenty of trouble.

Archdale: Well, you can tell all of Peter's friends I'll go his bond.
He'll soon be back home again.

Porgy: Thank you, boss! God bless you!

Frazier: Good mornin,' Mister Archdale

Archdale: Good mornin,' Frazier. Hope you're not sellin' any more divorces.

Porgy: He just made a lady out of Bess for a dollar and a half!

Archdale: "I, Simon Frazier, hereby divorce Bess an' Crown, for the charge of
One dollar an' fifty cents cash, signed Simon Frazier"... Now, look here, Frazier, this divorce mill must close or I'll have to put you in jail.
I won't report you this time. Good morning.

Frazier: God bless you.

Porgy: Good morning, Mister Archdale

Porgy: Willard White
Maria: Barbara Conrad
Serena: Florence Quivar
Frazier: Christopher Deane
Scipio: Donald Zucca
Mr. Archdale: John Buck
Bess: Leona Mitchell


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