Dawn of Mana Speed Run (New Game - Easy) in 2:32:37 (Seg 5)





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Published on May 7, 2008

Dawn of Mana (Playstation 2) - Completed by Nicholas 'Sir VG' Hoppe on November
22nd, 2007.

Chapter 4 - Ritzia

I take some time out to attack the bonfires in a couple places in the level, as
they give me Salamander Hexorbs, which are very important for the boss fight.

I take advantage of a VERY difficult shortcut in the beginning of this section.
It requires a perfectly performed double jump to the top of a lantern, then
jumping off of it to the left across the way. Even if I miss a few times
though, it's still faster then taking the normal route through the rear of the ship.

This section is long, time consuming, and very VERY annoying. The worst
section is by far the engine room, which feature Golem Archers on both sides of the
room, all aiming for you (with stun-inducing arrows). There's a lot of battling
here before I finally rescue Ritzia.

It's time for everybody's favorite game...ESCORT MISSION! Ritzia, who's gone
completely loco (VOICES IN MY HEAD!), is the slowest walker ever. At least she
ducks, instead of doing the typical 'since I'm being escorted I have the right
to be stupid' mode. The one room early on induces a LOT of lag, and only one
enemy carries the key and 15 of them are attacking you at the same time.
Lovely. At least at certain points, Ritzia is automatically shoved forward so she
doesn't get too far behind. The only time I need to wait is around the
elevators. To make matters more interesting, I go around the level in figure-8s. Yes,
I'm going around in circles. Lovely level, isn't it? I do stop and take out
some of the rations, giving me some Gnome Hexorbs, also important for the boss

Having reached the boat's deck, Ritzia finally gets smart and returns to the
world of sanity. Just in time for her to go run and hide (again).

For the first time Dawn of Mana player, this will be probably the hardest fight
and first real challenge of the game. Stroud has a very high defense and will
block your attacks if you take him head-on (apply directly to the forehead!).
So this battle consists of mainly running around, throwing everything
including the kitchen sink at him. His primary weakness is fire, which makes stopping
to get those Salamander Hexorbs earlier a very smart thing. To make this boss
fight more interesting, near the end he decides to clone himself. The clones
are more susecptable to fire then the original, which makes them less annoying,
at least. Note that the hits to blow up those blue Energy Orbs is
intentional, as they put him into a panic for a short time. The damage I take is simply a
small sacrifice to be able to hit him.

After the battle in the cutscenes, Keldy is thrown far far away, and Ritzia
makes the very irrational 'I'll do anything so please don't kill him' plea. Yeah,
I know you're having very naughty thoughts right now. Shame on you.

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