My Little Pony: Steampunks! (Bats!) [Instrumentation]




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Published on Jan 18, 2016

Looks like Applejack is freaked out about that annotation... I dunno (;

Heyyy! Looks like I'm back (Bats?!?!) with another MLP Steampunk rendition!

So, I arranged this back when I first got into music production/composition, (Composition over 6 months; and production over 3 or so months ago now), this arrangement being my very, very first. I've always wanted to hear Bats! in a Steampunk form (but not from myself! xD from someone else! I seem to be the only one who is actually doing any Steampunk renditions -- especially in a consistent manner -- of these [other than DrDissonance1] songs, so... T_T). I didn't publish this now until now because of the MIDI I *was* using sounded so shitty! Plus, I wasn't quite content with publishing this as I kept on wanting to adding more and more things, not wanting to publish until I was (I am now!) 100% satisfied; you'll notice the Harp and Violin melody: they are something I thought of using Ingram's lines of melodies. The idea is simple: 8th, 16th, and 32nd notes of melodies playing backwards and forwards at once. Essentially, it gives a feel of resonance from the videogame American Mcgee's "Alice", of which the game and the music are indeed considered Steampunk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOeub...

So, not quite DrDissonance1's work, but hey! Genres can be interpreted and expressed in many different ways! :P -- in either case, the Harp (to me, at least) seems to be a 'natural' instrument to Steampunk... "It just works" -- Todd Howard 2015.

Check out my Steampunk rendition of Op. 8 No. 3 by Alexander Scriabin. I GURANTEE YOU, you will LOVE it (;! I hate to self advertise, but I swear: I'm trying to show you what you're missing! This? This/these MLP renditions is/are nothing to me! xD The other(s) is/are full of epicness that I wish everypony would hear! xD It is also probably one of my most accurate sounding renditions of Steampunk to date! All the Scriabin ones are, actually. These, though? Meh... And the sound quality is SO MUCH better!

More steampunk pony?!

That's right! You can thank DrDissonance1 for that!
DrDissonance1: https://www.youtube.com/user/drdisson...
What he did: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

I added "Instrumentation" the title to give clear indication that there is only really instrumentation involved in this rendition. That is because I am using extremely limited and underwhelming music software. So, if I could please, for the love of pony, have someone remaster, remix, rearrange -- whatever -- my arrangements (and my own compositions), I would very grateful and, thus, we would provide absolutely quality music pony content for everypony! (:

Mostly, I am severely lacking in percussion instruments ("Steampunk" percussion like bells, whistles, steam, clashes, clangs, etc.), and, thus, the most I can really do is instrumentation itself. I also do not have a DAW, or a music production software. I only have a music notation software: Musescore.

Keep in mind: I've no music theory knowledge. At all. The most I know is how to read sheet music! I compose/arrange by ear.

Software used: Musescore. Produced, and arranged within Musescore. Exported from Musescore in .Wav format, to Windows Movie Maker, and then exported from Windows Movie Maker into .mp4 format.

So, I'm making do with what I've got, but if you've got the heart in you to just help another person out I haven't got the money to afford a music software, so I can't pay you if you wish to help me D; but I'd greatly appreciate your kindness and generosity (Elements of Harmony, right? ;P), and I'll be able to produce and compose much better quality music for you. (I've been working on quite a lot of MLP songs to make into steampunk! I also want to do all the BGM and BGM of Full Metal Alchemist) If this upload isn't enough to convince you of my capabilities, determination, and honesty, and what I can provide for you, I can show you what I've been working on if you'd like! I want to assure you that your trust is well placed if you decide to help me (:

Contact me at: JDRansomRoger@gmail.com

Bats! composed by: Daniel Ingram
"Steampunk" rendition Arranged, and produced by: Repent In Reprise.

Picture by: http://rusmlpwithlove.deviantart.com

Picture retrieved: http://rusmlpwithlove.deviantart.com/...


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