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Published on Sep 17, 2012

Dan joins Captain Logan for a commentary on Spider-Man 2. This is both a podcast and a commentary-- if you want to watch the movie along with the audio, just get your movie started and pause it at 0.00, then press play when Captain Logan prompts you. If you want to listen without watching the movie, Dan and Captain Logan try to provide some context so you'll know what they're talking about.

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Spencer Malley
If by slightly better than the remake, You mean vastly superior.
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Sams ChanneI
Cap, great as usual. I do however feel obligated to defend the movie's logic for Peter's power loss here. You said that it seems to be a matter of how angry he is (or something along those lines) but his powers actually came back before his encounter with Doc Ock. Once he told MJ that he didn't love her, he was doing the right thing, and so his powers came back, this is evident from his Spidey-sense tingling just before they kiss, and then him diving to save her before Ock even touches him :)
Tim Drake
Also also, Tom Welling is a far better actor than Tobey Maguire
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Axxion Pictures
Cap, I think you completely misunderstood how the whole 'missing powers' thing worked. No, it's not scientifically explained, but what IS explained is that it works if Peter has strong focus on what he wants. He told MJ that he didn't love her, then his powers return (cough SPIDER-SENSE! cough) because he's given away his wishes and chosen to be Spider-Man in spite of the cost, and so his powers are back. It's not adrenaline, Cap, I'm actually shocked how much you misunderstand these movies pretty often, and the same thing goes for Dan; you two are fun and everything, and you're knowledgeable. but you give way too little credit to these movies despite the fact that they establish a goofy, really heightened reality where someone could 'lose his powers' like that, yet you praise the Amazing Spider-Man films for the superficial fan-service they do. I'm more shocked at the fact that Dan likes them so much, I'm a lifelong Spidey fan and I feel offended by the filmmakers' attempts to make me think the character onscreen is Spider-Man by having pointless web shooters and jokes without understanding why they worked in the first place.
i really do wish peter ended up with ditkovitge's daughter. she feels like a much better fit for peter. plus, she's a far better human being than mj ever could be. but since it's a spider-man movie peter and mj HAVE to get together
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wow...i really was expecting to love this movie...but i don't. i actually like the amazing spider-man 2 more than this. wow. i can't get over how much i don't like this movie. damn...didn't see that coming. 
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Jon Avenger71985
I love this sequel its right up there with the Avengers as one of Marvel Studios best films ever made.Avengers is my favorite but this was a great entertaining flick too.
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Peter Gasoline
Even as someone that really likes the reboot and appreciates the things it did differently to the Raimi films, I think Spider-Man 2 is miles ahead of either Amazing Spider-Man film.
The only thing weirder than Peter coming out of the broom closet is: where did he get those clothes? Also, it is revealed in the special features that this takes place 2 years after the first movie and the average lifespan of a spider is 2 years. So I guess the spider DNA is dying, but why it comes back, I don't have an answer.
Spiderman 2 is my favorite superhero film
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