孟庭葦 - Namo Amituofo Chanting (南无阿弥陀佛) Niệm Nam Mô A Di Đà Phật





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Published on Jun 2, 2011

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Chanting "Amitabha" out loud would calm and purify our minds.

Sanskrit: अमिताभ
Hindi pronunciation: Amitābho
Chinese: 阿彌陀佛
Vietnamese:A-di-đà Phật
Japanese: 阿弥陀如来
Tibetan: འོད་དཔག་མེད།
Mongolian: Одбагмэд, Аминдаваa, Аюуш
Thai: พระอมิตาภพุทธะ
Korean: 아미타불

The Buddha Amitabha, known as the Buddha of Infinite or Boundless Light, is considered the protector of beings who call upon him as they experience death and the after-death transitions in the bardo. Amitabha is also central to the practice of Phowa (the transference of consciousness or liberation at the time of death). Buddha Amitabha and related practices, work with the enlightened energy of discriminating wisdom. The purpose of reciting the mantra while visualizing Amitabha is to help clear away the deluded energy of passion or attachment from our minds. If this is accomplished, we can live with more kindness, joy and unconditional love for ourselves as well as all beings.

Through Amitabha practices, our deluded passion, grasping, and attachment are transmuted into the clear-sighted warmth of true loving compassion. The ego's selfish demands yield to our deepening commitment to others' well-being and enlightenment.

Amitabha Buddha
Amitabha, Sanskrit word, literally means boundless light and boundless life. He is the Buddha in the Land of Ultimate Bliss (Pure Land), in which all beings enjoy unbounded happiness. Amitabha has forty-eight great vows to establish and adorn his Pure Land. People also recite or call upon his name by the time of dying will be born in the Land of Ultimate Bliss with the reception by Amitabha. Amitabha is one of the most popular and well-known Buddha in China.

Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss
This is the Buddha Land of Amitabha Buddha. In Amitabha Sutra, there is full description about this Pure Land. This is the world of utmost joy without suffering. With the spiritual power of Amitabha Buddha, all beings in this world will understand Buddhism easily and practise diligently, and attain enlightenment eventually. Therefore by reciting Amitabha Buddha's name, Buddhist followers hope that they will be born in this Pure Land after their lives on earth.

Niệm Phật sẽ trừ được các phiền não.
Niệm Phật sẽ trừ được niệm chúng sanh.
Niệm Phật sẽ làm cho thân thể được nhẹ nhàng an ổn.
Niệm Phật tâm trí sẽ sáng suốt, học hành mau nhớ.
Niệm Phật, khi lâm chung sẽ được sanh về Tịnh độ.

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