Russia and China Should Shift the Attention to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia





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Published on Jul 24, 2012

Webster Tarpley:

"... [for Russia and China] it would be better of course to be on the offensive rather than to always be on the defensive and it seems to me that the time has come to drop the verbal charades and essentially state that there is no democracy movement in Syria.

There is a bunch of NATO agents who run the attack and in the countries where there really is a democracy movement, Bahrain or Saudi Arabia itself, this is being systematically blacked out here in the US media and so forth. Clearly done with the help of the State Department.

So I think it would be important to shift the attention to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, terrible situation; Oman, United Arab Emirates [UAE], all these reactionary monarchies of the Persian Gulf, it seems to me, really are the ones that ought to be on the hot seat and that might give Syria some sort of cease."



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Hey Vladimir Putin! Please wake Up! Out of all people, certainly you must know about 9/11 and 7/7 being false flags! The truth is out for so long now. Why still so silent?

To me, your resistance against the Zionist warmongers is sincere and impressive, and I thank you for it, but your silence on the above mentioned false flags is becoming more suspicious by the day. Unavoidably, it leads to thinking that Zionists have a similar hold on you.

If so, you should immediately make way for colleagues of yours without such a handicap, in order to continue your resistance more successfully.

If not so, what better weapon is there to stop these Zionist warmongers who are not only out to destroy Syria and Iran, but for a 'regime change' in Russia TOO? Just muzzling their NGO's won't help you much in stopping them.

Chess player? Martial art? Intelligence services? Impressive C.V..

Why not an efficient kick on their Achilles heel?

Like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, now Syria and its people are about to be destroyed by another bloody Zionist war, again based on wicked, insane, and premeditated lies, and the Western sheeple still believe them all.

It's about time both Russia and China start to seriously invest in the values of the 9/11 and 7/7 truth, in order to finally awaken the ignorant masses in the West -- much cheaper, much less destructive, and much more effective than WWIII to stop these Zionist warmongers.

How can Russia and China remain so silent on these false flags while the truth is out there for everyone to know?

There's little time left for Russia and China before they'll be dragged into Zionist wars. They should now act smartly, otherwise much more rivers of blood will flow.

USrael doesn't say it loudly yet, but a multitude of signs have fully exposed the mindset of these Zionist warmongers: THEY ARE OUT FOR WWIII.



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