NASA Ufo STS-75 special analysis ! MUST SEE!





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Uploaded on Aug 4, 2008

we all know about the tether incident, but this shows you the fading in of the objects in detail.

but why we see always the main ufo object from "above". its like on every nasa footage. can it be caused by the camera? but that does not resolves the problem with the sudden appearing and pulsating.
also while the camera adjustes the relative points change. so cant be some lens effect.

so it's very hard to find a solution for that. i am often thinking about how this objects must look in a 3d but ... not possible ;)
it's from http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/t...
"Hi, I don't post often so sorry for whatever has been discussed. I have observed the NASA footage and am particularly interested in converging lines of evidence. There are numerous things to consider.

1. A poster claimed it's not possible to estimate size. Actually it is possible. Let y be the axis from the observer to the tether. The angle in the xz plane makes no difference to size, the angle in the y-axis does. The ratio of width of tether to length is sufficient to determine the length of space spanned by what is seen, and certain pictures allow good estimates of this ratio. The size can be estimated given the ratio of the width to length of the tether. This point is actually made, in effect, in the question and statement in the footage: "how wide ... seems wider than expect" (this results from angle in y axis i.e. because titling away).

2. The key question asked is: "we can see a lot of star-like things ... a lot of things swimming in the foreground ... can you describe what you're seeing? Answer: well the long line is uh, uh the tether, um and err there's a little ah bit of debris that, uh, kind of flies with us and uh it's illuminated by the sun at such low angles.

Ther are many many problems:

a) the spots are all spherical and wherever the edges are contrasted, they are clean edges. This is not compatible with debris or cosmic dust in far or near field (both can have complex shapes of all kinds) b) the spots move in many different relative directions, which is incompatible with debris emanating from a given region in space and there is far far too much for it to be normal background (space is not so cluttered, remember debris can anihilate satelites) c) the spots move in smooth paths yet not straight lines, some curve continuously, turn, or zig-zag, (relative to fixed tether so not camera) d) the spots have different relative velocities, which is incompatible with them being debris from a common source e) big enough debris would all be sucked into the earth's gravitational pull f) spots do not move eratically as they would if in gas (i.e. not outside of the craft) f) spots with luminance (as recorded by the viewing instrument) greater than the tether are clearly obscured when the edges of both objects are clear, meaning that in those cases the objecs must pass behind the tether e) the very large discs are nearly perfect circles with dark centers and should be easily identifiable if a known kind of debris (there are also several with exactly the same features) f) the edges of the TETHER remain clear when large discs pass (incompatible with out of focus anything passing in near field and compatible with object passing behind in very far fields g) with zoom in or out, the distance of spots from tether remains "constant" and ratios of sizes of spots to size of teather is similar for many spots (I can state more precisely), both utterly incompatible with spots being dust or debris in near field, h) no spots change from bright and large to dark and smaller rapidly as they would in near field i) velocity of some spots changes dramatically and laterally (see below url at 3 mins 14 secs approx from bottom left across), without decreasing luminance j) motion of debris cannot be explained by gravitational pull"

see also:
same kind of object in google sky

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