"made that decision to pull, then we watched the building collapse." - Silverstein





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Published on Jul 31, 2012

Did Larry Silverstein admit to demolishing World Trade Center 7? When he used the term "pull" he argued that he meant evacuate the building. Larry Silverstein came out of this disaster with billions in insurance settlements, listen carefully to his words, did he know something? Comment below.

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Tony Gazebo
I don't get what the big deal is? there's no evidence of any conspiracy. It's normal for fire departments to have demolition teams. I could understand to, it had been a long day and so many lives had been lost and they couldn't contain the fire so they decided to just blow the building up and say the heck with it. it makes perfect sense if you think about it.
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Keyser Soze
Why do so many rich and powerful Jewish men have voices that sound like demons?
Alan Sherrard
And since when has bringing down a building been an option because there already has been a terrible loss of life's. If anything that would make it alot worse. Makes no sense.
Alan Sherrard
I find it rather strange that fire department had the ability to pull down the building. If this was possible, why do we have demolition experts to bring down buildings. Would it not be easier and cheaper to send in the fire department, start a fire and the do what they did to bring it all down like a pack of cards.
Shh, no fair using logic with the mentally-impaired.
Jonny Deth
The only people that fall in line with this model of Government as the greater good and god incarnate is the yuppies. The other 61% of the country doesn't trust government and the lies of the media. It's always the yuppies fueling the news, Hollywood and government lies. Sadly these idiots are 39% of the population.
Stop And Think
the right winger neo-thals never pass up a chance to keep covering up 9/11.
Jonny Deth
Structural engineers and physicists for chemical testing? No but they would of course need to perform tests specific to their fields of science and technology. You say I display no education because you do not have one to compare it to and therefore do not know what an education is!! Whether the building could or could not come down by the fires is theory on both arguments. Physical evidence leaves nothing up to argument and it was destroyed purposely. You're a pure bred jackass.
Jonny Deth
All you do is digress. I start by making the point that evidence was destroyed. You digress and try to attack me as incompetent. Every inch of that steel needed to be tested. It for fact was not. It was hauled straight from ground zero to be chopped into scrap and sold. You're so easily reduced to a chattering monkey. The scientific method involves testing every potential piece of evidence. There's just so much wrong with your manic arguments it can't be addressed in such little space!
If you have any understanding of the scientific method, you are neglecting to make use of it. If you have a genuine background in the chemistry of metals, then you understand why NO demolition professionals agree with your cult's fantasies. Manifestly, you DO NOT understand this. I am not saying you HAVE no education: I'm saying you DISPLAY no education. Tell us what NIST's structural engineers and physicists got wrong.
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