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Published on Jun 15, 2013

Pwad: Torched.wad
Author: Joe Lawrence
Date: 17th July 1994
Map: e1m7
Category: UV Maxdemo
Executable: Doom.exe
Time: 4:04 (UV), 1:34 (NM)

This is a strange level, even by the standards of this levelset. I've got no idea what the main idea behind the level is, what this place is supposed to be. And parts of this video may need a bit of explanation.

To start with, the opening sequence where I'm running through the jail one cell at a time. Running across the tops of those beds actually triggers monster teleport lines bringing a couple dozen imps. It's 4 or 5 at a time only, so you need to trigger them all. Then after making it out into the larger room beyond, we find another important bit of the level progression hidden behind a secret wall - the blue key. This is probably the biggest flaw of this levelset, the way Joe simply refuses to give the player any assistance in completing his levels, rather going out of his way to frustrate them instead.

So I get one key and then the other and at 2:12 I've reached the exit. But like e1m6 this is another level where it's faster to make it to the exit, stock up on all the extra health ammo you'll be rewarded with, and run back to mop up everything left behind. Leaving those monsters alive in their cells turns out to be the most efficient way to kill them.

On the whole the level's kind of uneven. You've got areas like the jails where you can barely move for monsters, and then lots of long passages and dead-end rooms with hardly anything in them. I don't even show the whole layout here as there's no need to get 100%.

And the odd finish definitely needs to be talked about. What we've got is a false wall, though one the player can't move through, and a barrier which lowers after you run up against the false wall. Behind it are about twenty hidden monsters. There's a monster teleport line in there so I gather the plan was to have them wake up and start teleporting into the room behind the player. But they don't wake up when they see you, or even when they hear you. BFG blasts won't kill them either. Only firing enough rockets or plasma to injure them will wake the monsters up. So I just spam and spray blindly. You can hear the monsters dying, and I've got a rough idea of where they are but really can't see anything. Still, managed to kill all but two, who teleported out to be killed with plasma. It's a pity this trap doesn't work properly as it could have been brilliantly disorienting. But it's indicative of a levelset which just hasn't been playtested, hasn't been polished, is still maybe only 80% of the way toward being finished.

NM wasn't a big challenge. The main thing is to get the monsters out of the way of the blue key door, the rest is mainly running in free space. My health isn't great but with the BFG in hand and such a short route this didn't take too many tries.

Download the wad here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fuc...


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