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Published on Sep 17, 2014

In today's video, I will be going through key knee exercises that will help restrengthen your knee if you have gone through a bad injury.

Whether it's from a twisted knee or knee replacement, I've put together the 10 best rehab exercises for your knee joint recovery!

Make sure you always consult your doctor or physician before performing any exercises. Especially after a recent injury.

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Let's get started!

For each exercise:

2-5 repetitions
2-3 times per day
Do the early recovery exercises as its own routine first. Then, once strength and mobility increases, add on the rehab maintenance exercises.

Workout breakdown:


0:23 Straight leg lifts

While lying on your back, lift the leg up of the ground (roughly 6 inches), and hold for 5-10 seconds. Slowly return your leg back to the ground.

1:18 Knee Straightening

Performing thigh squeezes is a good way to work the knee-extension muscles, which are very important for balance. While lying on your back, pull your toes towards your head, and gently try to push the back of your knee towards the ground, hold for 5-10 seconds.

You have the option to use a towel underneath your knee, if that is more comfortable for you to do.

The other option is to be seated, placing your heel on the ground.

2:03 Laying or Sitting Knee Bends

The most important aspect of the knee is its ability to flex at the joint. To perform this exercise while laying, prop yourself up with a pillow, then slowly (and carefully) bend your knee by sliding your heel towards your body. Hold the position for 5-10 seconds.

Another way to do this is to sit in a chair, and perform the exact same movement.

While lying down, you have the option to use a towel underneath the thigh to assist in bending.

You may also wrap the other leg in front of the affected leg, in order to assist in the knee bend.

If closely following injury or surgery, make sure to not push it too far.

2:52 Sitting Knee Straightening

The next level of knee extension exercises involves the use of gravity, and working your muscles against it. While seated in a chair, scoot back to keep the thigh on the chair. Comfortably and carefully straighten the affected leg towards full extension.

Once again, don't force it too much, as it's important not to push it too far in the beginning rehabilitation stages


3:30 Active Knee Bending

It's called active knee bending because you are providing all of the work yourself, rather than shuffling your heel on the ground. Lay down on your stomach, and bring the heels towards your body, helping to bend the knee towards 90 degrees. Hold the position for 5-10 seconds.

As with the early stage knee bends, you have the option to use your healthy leg to help bend the rehab leg.

If possible at this point, and comfortable to do, you may bend past 90 degrees.

Again, never push past your physical limits.

4:16 Step Up Lunges

It's very important to start mimicking the movements you'll be making in real life, such as walking and climbing steps. Start this exercise by placing the affect leg up on a step, at a comfortable elevation (roughly 6-12 inches). Holding the position carefully by placing a hand on a support, slowly bend the knee down into a lunge. Complete 5-10 lunges.

Only go down as far as is comfortable.

If desired, hold for 5-10 seconds in the lunge position

5:07 Weight Transfer Movements

These movements involve rocking your weight either side to side, or front to back. Begin by placing your feet apart at a comfortable distance, then shift your weight from side to side (or, front to back). Complete 5-10 reps per side, or front to back.

Based on your comfort level, feel free to start lifting the feet up in the weight shifts.

Advanced-level weight transfers include a slight hop, or jump

6:09 1/4 Squats

This will help to regain balance, and begin to build strength around the knee joint. While standing upright with feet planted on the floor, slowly and comfortably bend at the knees, hanging on to a support if necessary. Only go down part ways into the squat, then return to the standing position.

Option to hold at the bottom of the 1/4 squat for 5 seconds, then press back up to a standing position

To get a detailed summary of these workouts, be sure to click on the link below!


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