Abrams Tank Drives over Car Bomb





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Published on Jun 15, 2009

tanks survives an ied blast

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"Hey guys, did you feel something?"
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John Sridaoduan
Hey Frank, now ain't the time to smash your girlfriend.
Uber Nietzsche
+Irondrone4 "I think we ran over a cat."
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That tank isn't made out of steel. It's made from American freedom. 
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Ironbreaker 11
Joseph Stalin I dont think they produce any more of those op but slow reloading tanks her in the moderne world .-.
Joseph Stalin
let's see my kv2 with stalinium vs that american freedom (plays Russian national anthem)
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That's not good for the paint.
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Or the car.
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Tank beats everything. Tank doesn't give fucks.
CT 7567
just think we went from the M4 sherman which would be completely teared open by that blast to the M1 abrams which would be like "hey i think someone just threw pebbles at us oh wait its a bomb"
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+Jack Wright thats what happens when we go from "good enough" war time production to actually building the most advanced tanks we can. The germans made that mistake towards the end of WWII still trying to make tiger Is tiger IIs and all those crazy wonder weapons that never did anything but take up resources. The sherman was made because it was good enough to get the job done and didnt cost a ton of time or money/resources to make. check out some of the crazy stuff the germans were planning on trying to make at the end of the war, see maus, ratte, etc.
CT 7567
+Frank Castle really noob i didnt know youtube was a video game and 30 is really around 40 years the abrams was first around in the 80s not the 70s and the comment i posted before was amazment at how fast we can master it not a question
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68 Tons of pure freedom
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Scorched Fury
PIRATE merica, fuck yeah
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Bomb defuse squad? AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT!
John Sridaoduan
Yeah, why not take the 10 million dollar tank and run it over. I like a good rollercoaster action.
Daniel Amora
 : " Guys did you hear something? " 
Dean Hester
That's probably the new terrorist technique, plant IED's inside of things that look fun to run over, they know most tank teams can't resist a bombed out car just sitting there...
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Nate Caraway
True tracks aren't exactly easy to repair in the field
The Raging Gamer
+Nate Caraway it can damage tracks. Trus me i went to a museum once 
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Riley Flack
Terrorists used 'car bamb'. It was not very effective
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Riley Flack
+you suck I was simply commenting on the fact that the bomb did literally nothing to the tank. Chill, man.
Macho Man Randy Savage
Meant for infrantry not tanks, they wanted to kill the tank they could have
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