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Uploaded on Jan 26, 2012

or many years I seemed to struggle between music and magic. Now I don't claim to be a great singer. I don't even know how to play an instrument for that matter, but I was at one time a Disc Jockey doing weddings, anniversaries and that sort of thing. My biggest influence in music was believe it or not house and techno music. I remember when I was about 16 or so listening to the radio one night and hearing house music for the first time. I think what I was impressed about the most was how the DJ was able to mix one record into the other. I remember one time when I lived in Oak Park, I had to be about 12 years old. I cut school to walk to WGCI radio station in Oak Park. I don't really know what the hell I was thinking at the time. Maybe I thought I would get discovered or something. I finally got to the radio station after a long walk in the snow. I got passed security and arrived at the hallway entrance of the radio station. I peeked in the window and I heard one of the radio DJ's say "Hay some white boy just peeked out from the door window, Hey! aren't you supposed to be in school?" I ran out of that building so fast. In 1992 I met Paul Drake "Paul Drake Productions" in "Arlington heights" and he showed me the ropes of hot mixing. He was considered the "Grandfather Of House" back in the day when Julian Jumpin Perez used to frequent the clubs before he became a Hot Mix Chicago radio icon. Thanks to Paul Drake, teaching Jullian the ropes. He is now recognized all over the world not only for his hot mixes, but also as a composer and master music editor. In 1998 I moved on to work with Scott "Smokin" Silz. One of the original "Hot Mix Five" DJ's.
With the music knowledge and experience I had. I had a Kean ear for picking just the right music to go with magic effects. I remember seeing a David Copperfield show for the first time and being awed by the music he uses. I couldn't help to notice that he uses a few Phil Collins/Genises pieces in his shows. I wonder if Phil ever wanted to be a magician, because his music just seems to work with magicians. it just works! So here I am many years latter composing music. Not really taking it serious, just doing it for fun. Doing it because that's what I love. It's a nice balance and break from the magic. One thing I noticed is that their really isn't to many songs on the art of magic. I love magic and I wanted to honor the magicians who gave their GOD given talent to the world. We have and are still learning many things in the art of magic.

their are so many more names in magic that aren't in the song. I'm limited on time so I couldn't name every single famouse magician. So PLEASE! don't take it personal if you didn't hear your name.

To me Magic is everywhere. It's more than cards, coins and ropes. Magic to me is everyday. ever day waking up and seeing my wife, son, friends the sun, breathing, listening to an inspirational song while driving in the snow. I think as artists we have to look at that more and not be so judgmental when someone like me goes out of bounds. It makes them feel uncomfortable. Uncomfortable for whom! not me, maybe your the one that has to go out of the box. Me! I don't have a box. Mine? it's a friggin octagon.
I imagine if this song takes off and I find that very unlikely, just because it's relatively for a small audience. The lay person really can't connect, because most would have know clue who all these magicians are in the lyrics. But if it does their will probably be copycats coming out of the wood work to try to capitalize on my original idea. It's a shame sometimes that people have to do that. That they have to copy other magicians and take away their hard thought out work.

in closing I would like to say that some might think this song sucks. some might like it. Some might say "you don't know how to sing or even play a tune" I KNOW! I think I covered that in the beginning. REMEMBER? In my opinion going to school for many of years and being knowledgeable of music, being great at singing doesn't grant that you will be a success. What justifies what is good music? We all perceive things different and what one person likes the other may not. Music is all around us. In real life it isn't always on beat. Everything we do is music. Even as I'm typing this very moment I'm making music.


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