Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment - Nightmare! difficulty in 43:57





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Published on Jun 7, 2015

I uploaded a higher quality video here using a different music pack made for plutonia: https://youtu.be/jLomyK5TWFU

Runner: Zero-Master
Date: 2015-06-07
IWAD: Plutonia.wad
Category: NM-Speed
Map: Movie 1-30
Source Port: Competition Doom v2.0.2.1
Time: 43:57

Map.. Time
01.... 01:05
02.... 01:59
03.... 02:05
04.... 02:09
05.... 01:55
06.... 02:32
07.... 00:56
08.... 01:11
09.... 01:29
10.... 01:24
11.... 01:19
12.... 00:33
13.... 01:59
14.... 01:01
15.... 00:54
16.... 00:47
17.... 00:19
18.... 00:35
19.... 00:38
20.... 02:19
21.... 00:49
22.... 02:26
23.... 02:34
24.... 01:49
25.... 01:28
26.... 01:23
27.... 01:31
28.... 02:08
29.... 01:32
30.... 01:08

"The Plutonia Experiment is one of the two official 32-level Doom II IWADs which make up Final Doom. It was created by brothers Dario and Milo Casali under contract with id Software, and was released alongside its counterpart TNT: Evilution in June 1996."

I can not believe the luck I got here, amazing.

It's now been 19 years since Final Doom was released, no one has ever attempted to do a single segment run of it on Nightmare difficulty before without using tools due to the difficulty. Over those 19 years there have been a lot of discoveries on how to sequence break the game. Some of the tricks used in this run are glides, rocket jumps, keygrabs, arch vile jumps and a lot of linedef skips. Without many of these tricks it would be impossible to achieve this.

On map 17 I do a trick called suicide exit, so this is the only (intentional) death of this of run. Even though it's possible to continue if you die during the run, the run itself is considered invalid (unless you exit the map).

The damage that I take is very random, so you need a lot of luck at times. For example revenants can do 80 (60) max damage with ranged (melee) attack, Baron\Hellknight 64 (80), Cacodemon 40 (60), Mancubus can do up to 64 damage per fireball where they shoot 2 at the same time, Demon\Spectre can do up to 40 (they attack very rapidly) while a chaingunner will tear you apart if you let them get too close with up to 15 damage per pellet. Minimum damage is usually around 1/8 of max damage.

In plutonia (on UV\NM difficulty) there are 704 chaingunners, 422 revenants, 123 cacodemons, 90 barons, 151 hell knights, 23 cyberdemons (most of them on map 31,32), 4 Masterminds, 315 shotgun guys, 86 zombiemen, 74 pain elementals, 140 mancubus, 94 arachnotrons, 99 arch viles and 436 imps. Obviously since I skip large sections of some maps and maps 31,32 are optional I don't actually run into all of them. Notably is that the majority of cyberdemons are on map 32.

You can read more about the different doom difficulty levels here: http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Skill_level

Q: How do you go through gaps in the wall like map 08,09,19?
A: Explained here: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic...

Q: Are you using any modified version of Doom?
A: No, I don't use any modified WADs. For Plutonia I use the PLUTONIA.WAD, which you can buy on Steam. You can download the demo file (.lmp) and play it using your own copy of the original WAD (PLUTONIA.WAD) and a vanilla compatible sourceport or the original .exe, if any modified version was used the demo would have to desync when you play it.

Q: Are you using any tools etc?
No tools are used, the demo\recording is done in a sourceport which accurately reproduces doom as it was played originally. The video is made by playing the demo in prboom-plus sourceport as it has a lot of features like uncapped framerate and higher resolution.

Q: Where can I find the demo (.lmp)?
A: All my demos are here: http://doomedsda.us/player508lmps.html

Q: What is NM-Speed?
A: NM stands for Nightmare which is the highest difficulty for doom, Ultraviolence (UV) is most commonly used for speedrunning. Speed (aka "any%" for other games) is the category where the objective is to finish the level as quickly as possible, in the case of a movie\d2all\single segment run the objective is to start at map 01 and finish map 30, that means that map 31 and map 32 are optional.

More info about doom speedrunning categories can be found here: http://doom.com.hr/?page=compet-n_rules
Visit the DooMed Speed Demos Archive YouTube channel for more doom speedruns: https://www.youtube.com/c/doomedspeed...


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