Fukushima May Yet Wipe Out Life on Earth: An Interview with Prof. Tony Hall





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Published on May 12, 2012

The Truther Professor returns to discuss Fukushima: how and why this plant was set up the way it was, why it was a disaster waiting to happen from the beginning, why it hasn't been fixed, and why it poses a catastrophic threat to humanity and all life on earth. Anthony Hall is a professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada.
To read his article on Fukushima, which was published last year only weeks after the Fukushima disaster began, go here:

To read his articles on election fraud, see these links:



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You should once listen to this video before it is too late! This title might sound an exaggerated theory  for most people who are not confronted with this theme but the fact might be that the future of Japan is going in this direction with the unhuman decision of reactivating now some nuclear power plants though they have not  yet solved  this huge gloval problem of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants !
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John F Hendry
What? Wow...lets slow down here OK? Please tell me this is not real. No.... that's BS, the Japanese at the top are way too smart and would NEVER do anything like that. The Japanese don't hate their own Homeland or their own people anymore than we hate the superior quality products they create. The closer you look the more spooky this disaster looks as it is showing people at the top believe their own insane lies as an attorney told me happens which I didn't believe could ever really happen but son of a gun that's exactly what did happen as the defendants formed a close net gang harming everyone outside of their group and used the gang inside the legal system to do so. And guess what? Where money is involved believe me when I say (or just look for yourself) logic and reality go out the window by those that are aggressive enough to get to be the ones in control willing to gain from it in the very short term while ignoring the reality of the future. And that's the key here: short term pleasure at the expense of future pleasure. Just like a street junky. And it's really sad because the future holds so much more for all of us to have what we need and want. The rich using youth and thugs to do the dirty work are killing themselves. That's all there is to it I am very sorry to say. I had no idea the deadly nuclear waste was being kept on Island. Thanks for the wakeup call.
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erik van niekerk
please dress more decent, cover up.
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This seems an older video, the news about Fukushima now is that it is hitting the west coast. Go to netc nuclear emergency tracking center for updates, and it will continue for thousands of years... If I lived in Calif., I would be thinking of moving. The Pacific ocean is toast. Thank you very much G.E.
DT Hellland
Is he making you uncomfortable?  He seems like he is invading your space a little bit
Patricia Badeau
She moved away from him, did you See? He must have had bad breath that day. Funny!
What a load of bullcrap. Even after a few minutes it becomes obvious how he cherrypick selected snippets and distorts them to construct a wile scare theory.  Typical onspiracy loon.
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Michael Moran
I love the look she gives the camera when she says: "So, Thanks everybody and we'll look forward to seeing you next time" ...I get the feeling she 'aint so sure about everybody"...Still, She is trying to raise awareness and, that's a good thing. I suppose.
Frank Black
She is kind of cute.
I want her to interview me with cleavage showing like that...  whoohoo !!!!
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