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Published on Sep 21, 2011

Well, derp. Of any of my videos to get popular, this wouldn't have been my guess. The internet is weird.

What would you have done?

The motorcycle is a Kawasaki KLX250sf. The camera is a ContourHD. And I am a motovlogger who was having an off day. Sometimes you let the real-life trolls get under your skin. Yes, the kids in the car were laughing at me. No, they were not lost or having mechanical problems.

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Milosz Ostrow
It's dopes like the biker in this video that give the rest of us responsible motorcyclists a bad name in the public eye.
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Are you stupid? The person in front sat there not moving. A horn is used to tell people to move on. Its there for a reason. 
Trevor Bruce
+Milosz Ostrow Motorcycle riders sit on a seat that brings their eye level much higher than a standard vehicle driver's eye position would be. The motorcyclist definitely had a better view than you point out in your previous reply. On top of that... it's a green light. I don't know of any crosswalks, correct me if I'm wrong... that would give pedestrians a walk signal on a green light. That's just idiotic to think the magnum was waiting for pedi's.  Flipping someone the bird is a lot less hot headed than some of the motorcyclist interactions I've seen. I've seen bikers kick cars, break windshields, or assault drivers outright. If an idiot wants to pull a gun on someone who flips a bird, let the camera prove it in court. They'll get jail time, and I'll get a hefty cash settlement from the defense.  In my opinion she's more responsible than most riders. She didn't immediately speed off or cut into the other lane to pass. She waited patiently, attempted to get the driver's attention (who was obviously just trying to rile her up), and only changed lanes when it was safe.
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LJ: The Friendly Hooligan
YouTube is hilarious.  The comments on here are as asinine and ridiculous as the original encounter.  I love you guys, trolls and all. :)  Thanks for making me laugh.  This video is a great reminder to never take yourself too seriously.  Sometimes you're just going to be a moron. Thanks for watching!
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Simon Dorka
I would have just waited, silently... But then again I am not a hooligan! :D I like your reaction! :)
+sweftwp typical response from a douche who could not even master riding a scooter. Go back to what you're good at doing ..... jerking off in your mother's basement you low life imbecile.
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You're on a bike, u could've easily gone around... 
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+Trevor Bruce oh ok
Trevor Bruce
Man Yoga you're one of the most inconsiderate people I've seen on the internet. I know that the internet is full of trolls and dicks, but I sure hope you don't actually believe what you're saying...  There's a reason bikers are the way they are. They don't have a huge steel / aluminum / carbon fiber body to protect them in the event of an accident. They are relying on their ability to have the attention of other drivers on the road to ensure they don't get hit, whether it be bright neon clothing, bright neon lights, or a loud muffler.  And I don't think buying a car counts as "manning the fuck up" btw. 
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Was this really worth the middle finger?! No... it wasn't. 
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+robert lemere holding up traffic is a little different than this. This was most likely a confused person trying to figure out if the turn theyre making is the one they want so they dont get lost. Just politely pass and dont be a fucking idiot about it. The whole honking the Goddamned horn and flipping the bird thing is bullshit.
In hoc signo vinces
Yes it is worth it. I am pretty sure all states it is illegal to hold up traffic.
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Phil Smith
That girl was just lookin for a fight, tooting the horn, revving the engine and trying to intimidate the old lady with a heart condition who just tapped the brakes to say back off biotch your too impatient. Then she got past the lights and started undertaking someone else to piss them off, just an accident waitin to happen. Why is it Bikers think they have a different set of overtaking laws from all other vehicles? What I would do is take the video off you tube before the local cops give me a ticket, but if you think your in the right then by all means show the video to your local cops and let them decide. 
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Phil Smith
+MrSPYGOT Your the kinda guy needs flashing lights in your car? I can't help laugh at how ridiculous you are. Turn yourself in for breaking the speed limit. Your the kinda guy holds everyone up looking at your silly lights and think laws don't apply to you. see previous comments to define moron, you are the full ticket I think you trolled my post to get someone to look at your lame vids lol Well go out and give everyone a Honk I am sure it will make you feel better Check out the Bogie profile pic, its a road rage midget on an R1, it was so funny I had to share it  If you want me to share your vids I can do so under "childish useless car modification" Dude get a grip! Im not here to put you down you do it all by yourself
Harris O'neiland
+Phil Smith Cant help but laugh at how ridiculous you are.. You're a grown ass man.. Stop acting like a child.... You may have had a bad experience with it before but that doesn't mean she was trying to be a SPECIAL case... Thats ridiculously stupid. Only a moron would think she has "a different set of overtaking laws".  If the person is holding up at a green light, not paying attention, or trolling (Like you are) then they deserve a good honk or two to get them moving.... 
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i would've stuck my leg up and kicked his mirror in
Seriously, how hard is it to read the description before commenting? Being nearly stopped on the road when the light is green is very dangerous for motorcyclists. So why the heck would she pull her slow moving bike into a lane with much faster moving cars? Cars rear ending motorcycles happens more often than you think. Maybe it wasn't her best moment, but she's only human. 
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Ski Bum
slow moving bike?  Is there such a thing? Bikes do get rear-ended but I don't think this is a dangerous a scenario since the traffic behind is already stopped.  Places that allow lane splitting eliminate 30% of rear-end collisions while not significantly increasing any other accident statistic.  Most rear-end accidents happen when the cars are coming to a stop for a red light.  You're a sitting duck on a bike. Unless lane splitting is legal, your only defense is situational awareness.  
there were gaps it still doesnt justify revving and honking obnoxiously because obviously it didnt work. 
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Sirkus TheImobile
kudos to that dodge, and fuck you for being an entitled priss.
Half Epic
I would have handled it better than you did. There's no reason to act like a jackass because someone isn't doing what you want them to. 
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Freddy Prieto
+Half Epic do you still keep your cool driving around Glendale,CA? worst drivers ever. 
+Half Epic Thanks random guy on the internet whose words meaning absolutely nothing to me. Enjoy your day.
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Jahan Aquil
why are people downvoting this video?
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Bad Drivers Of The Illawarra
+Jahan Aquil People are down voting it because they are to dumb to comprehend what a cunt the guy in the car is. 
Jahan Aquil
Why is it stupid?
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