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Published on Sep 8, 2008

Stephen Hawking's theory of black holes and Richard Gott's theory of cosmic strings give hope to those seeking a route to time travel.
Naked Science: Time Machine: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com...
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Black Holes | National Geographic

National Geographic

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gökçe kağıtçı
god know when will it hapen.maybe one century maybe more or maybe sooner..god know when..
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gökçe kağıtçı
WHEN WE LOOK AT OUR WORLD FROM THE SPACE,WE SEE THE WORLD TURNİNG .WE SEE MOUNTAİNS AS ALSO MOVİNG. THİS SHOWS THAT THE WORLD İS ALSO TURNİNG AROUND İTSELF (An-Naml) 88. Thou seest the mountains and thinkest them firmly fixed: but they shall pass away as the clouds pass away: 
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Loi Aniscal
tondekemon is the real time machine do that
is time rotating back again? so, we shall come back to the past and repeating the same thing all over and over?? if time is a dimension, it means that at the same point of time on the future or past universe, universe will do the same. may we ever lived and did the same thing as now on the past universe
Jack Watkins
sean phimister
Lol peni
Salad Olson
Seamless Robe
"Everything is vibrating spherical wavefronts of energy compressing and expanding two opposing vortices "Fibonacci", only difference between virtual pairs of plasma, to gases, liquids, and solids, is Volume!.. .  .This is rather like a drop of water into a pond dividing one unit of space/ multiplied by one unit of time.. .  .A light wave always moves one unit of space per one unit of time.. .  . Light is space divided by time and nothing else.. .  .That implies a strict equivalence between time and space as light being the constant conversion unit between the two.. .  . In quantum computing the "two energy states" of a Cubit absorbing energy and emitting C2, can be such things as photons, trapped ions, atoms, electrons, and nuclear spins.. .  . Atoms and particles are really high amplitude Wave Centres of pure energy from regions of intense wave pressure.. .  .Made of vibrating wavefronts called shells, or standing waves over a period of time containing much of the same information as before.. .  . By manipulating these process a physicists shines a 2pi pulse on a Cubit, and their output was the negation of their input: 0 goes to 1,1 to 0.. .  .the start of a Fibonacci sequence.. .  . Sinusoidal waves forms Einstein's curvature of spacetime.. .  . Stimulated emission is a process by the way of which a higher energy quantum mechanical state of a particle absorbed by a wave is now being converted to a lower level resulting in the production of light photons.. .  . This is rather like looking at a series of wavefronts at right angles coming to a seashore.. .  .As water recedes from the shoreline (universe) into the bass of each wavefront forming and breaking at the crest pop (Huygens wavelets you see new vibrations) as a wave comes and breaks, then it withdraws or contracts, and another wave comes which may contain much of the same water as before.. .  . As the frequency gets higher the Planck's constant will be multiplied by a larger amount and the time period will be shorter within that ref-frame.. .  . Time is shorter at your feet than at your head because the greater the energy compression the shorter the expanding wavelengths.. .  . Time is inverse multiplying +/- dividing like frequency and wavelength because everything is compressing and expanding a locational spherical 4pi inward absorption t=0 and now outward emission of vibrating 2pi quantized spherical wavefronts of electromagnetic radiation forming resonance antimatter matter annihilation forming positive and negative electric charge and electromagnetic interference fields as time unfolds C2.. .  . The electromagnetic spectrum is a continuous flow of energy therefore light is a wave and it is time that was quantized.. .  . Spacetime was quantized into moments, only the frequency is now relative at each moment of time."  
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Trollin Zoares
2:22 ..that is the worst pasta i've ever seen ;-;
Avokado Meier
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