Alex Jones 2009: Vaccines & Other Govt Propaganda 3/3





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Published on Jan 28, 2009

https://youtu.be/5WktREEgNFQ PART 1
January 27, 2009
In the seventh installment of his new audio blog, Alex Jones and his wife Violet discuss various government propaganda, as well as television programs, which advance the idea that those who dont vaccinate will contaminate the rest of society.

Violet discusses an episode of Private Practice which features a scenario where the mother of an autistic child had refused to vaccinate another child out of concern about the link between vaccine & autism. That action is portrayed as a dangerous misjudgment leading to the second child spreading measles which the doctors see as evidence that the womans children should be taken by CPS.

Alex also discusses USA Service ads that are promoted by Obama, government propaganda about the supposed dangers of marijuana smokers, the pro-abortion culture, and other issues.

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Umust Wantme
@SaladFingersCindy BTW, we are having Terrier,.. Boston style for dinner tonight, You should come by and join us,.. I'll educate you.
Umust Wantme
@SaladFingersCindy Lets see,.. he released talks about the US becoming a police state, and I be damned it last week my state just got rid of the 4th amendment. Now police can enter anyones house in the state of Indiana without a warrant, without a reason or cause. And by new law, we are not able to do anything about it. Please, tell me your "turd-free" FACTS on what you see happening to this country. Maybe you should spend a little more time at home and read history. You will, prob unempl by now
Cindy Brown
Do any of this guy's followers ever leave the house? It's as if he's obtained an entire mess of people who have NO clue about life in general. A bunch of turds w/NO life experience whatsoever who look up to King Turd to tell them how life works. Have any of you turds actually ever written your senators? congress members? district council members? Or what about court? Have any of you actually taken any cases to court? Yeah, it's easier to just take a turd's word on how it all works.
excalty so that they "senses we think we hearing isnt really what its is just electons misinterepted in your brain
Jim Hollywood
If they can see me in my living room, then they should enjoy seeing my hairy balls! Plus, I'll make sure to bend over and give em a butt shot now and then....just to turn em on...
Phillip O
whats for dinner in the background ! lol . Keep Up the great work Alex thanks for the hard work you have done for informing all of us !
In my opinion , Digital T.v. can be viewed in both directions. I think they will be able to watch us in our living rooms.
Why digital tv being required now and not analog or air, is their a secret reason for this change?
The vaccines and diseases are the result of population control and the greed of money by big Compamies and elites.
ya know the blog thing is starting to become a segment i look forward to, and high fives to alex's wife for kicking in her observations,she's very observant...great blog keep em coming and thanks to who ever clicked the upload button.... also its like this takeover comes in pulses ,they push they back off they push they back off until our heels are dangling over the cliff and its like we either reach out and let them pull us into their fold or they reach out and give that one tiny push
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