Accidently In Love; With A Jonas: Chapter 12





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Published on Feb 5, 2009

Isabella: What do you want for dinner ?
Kevin: Uhm...do you wanna order take-out ?
Isabella: Yeah suree.
Kevin: Okay sweetie.

*He dials the number and starts ordering the food*

Isabella: Don't forget that orange sauce stuff !
Kevin: Duck sauce ?
Isabella: Uhm...YEAH !
Kevin: Ha Ha Ha...okay. *back on the phone* oh and duck sauce.
Chinese Guy: Okay that's 20 dollaaa
Kevin: alright how long ?
Chinese Guy: fifteeeeeeeen minutes
Kevin: Thank you Bye.

Isabella runs up to Kevin and wraps her arms around his neck. They kiss each other quickly about 10 times. they're lost in each others eyes.
Isabella: I love you !
Kevin: ahaa, I love you more.
Isabella:(kisses him for like 30 seconds) I'm so happy I'm your girlfriend.
Kevin: I'm soooo happy i'm your boyfriend.
(Kevin Picks her up and holds her tight and kisses her forehead.)
Isabella: I'm really hyper !
Kevin: what do you wanna do untill the food gets here !?
Isabella: Well..we have 10 minutes
Kevin: So...(raises an eyebrow)
*Of course they make-out for that time period)

With Joe and Sophie

They went to Johnny Rockets. (A.N lmfaoo, only Joe)

Waitress: May I take your order?
Joe: uhm what would you like Soph?
Sophie: Uhm how about a cheese burger and french fries!
Joe: ha, I'll have a DOUBLE cheeseburger...with bacon...and fries.
Waitress: Anything to drink ?
Sophie: Uh diet coke *smiles*
Joe: mee too.
Waitress: Coming right up.
Sophie: Thank you
Joe: I'm so HUNGRY !
Sophie: Joey you're always hungry.
Joe: Pshh, soo !?
Sophie: Ha Ha.
Joe: so how was your day ?
Sophie: well I woke up, started making waffles, The guy of my dreams asked me out, we cuddled like ALL day and now we're on a date. Today was a very GOOD day.

Joe's POV

Ha she's so cute. Look at her go on and on and on about me. I know what will shut her up.

Sophie: So what about
Joe: *cuts her off with a kiss*
Sophie: y-you*smiles*

(There food comes and they talk about random stuff. They were acting as if it were a playdate.)

Sophie: Oh I'm so fulll !
Joe: me tooo....(Joe looks like he wants dessert)
Sophie: hey do you wanna split a banana split?
Joe: ahaha...Split...
Sophie: Oh My..Joe.
Joe: *grabs her hand* (He looks deeeply into her eyes. He reaches for something in his coat.) I love you.

He opens the box and reveals a pink and white diamond bracelet. It had a little heart charmed that had the Initials S.C. and J.J.

Sophie: *tears were forming in her eyes* When did you get this?
Joe: Last year...
Sophie: Why didn't you tell me ?
Joe: I always thought you liked Kevin !
Sophie: I always thought you like Izzy
Joe: I did, but I don't like you, I love you.
Sophie: Awwee !
Joe: (Kisses her)
Waitress: Dessert ?
Joe: Uhm no thanks
Sophie: But I thought
Joe: I have a better Idea
*He pays for everything*
Waitress: thanks, have a goodnight.
Sophie: where are we going ?
Joe: well first we're going to PinkBerry, and then it's a surprise.
Sophie: Oh boy. Joe, you and your surprises (looks worried)

Hmmmm; what is it with these boys and surprises !?!?
Next chapter: Nick and Nicole !
yayy :)

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