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Published on Dec 14, 2009

Συμμετοχή του Συλλόγου Ιστορικών Μελετών ΚΟΡΥΒΑΝΤΕΣ στην παραγωγή του History Channel Warriors - Spartan Vengeance

Ά Μέρος


Association of Historic Studies "KORYVANTES" succesfuly joined the History Channel's Production : "Warriors - Spartan Vengeance".

Part "A"




Αντώνης Αλιάδης Γιώργος Κανακάρης Κάτσος Γιώργος Σπύρος Μπάκας Λαμία Κορύβαντες Νικόλαος Κλεισιάρης Λαμία Κορύβαντες Παραδοσιακή Τοξοβολία Koryvantes Κορυβαντες Warriors Spartan Vengeance History Channel Chanel Terry Schappert Korybantes Dienekes Hoplites Hoplite Thermopylae Πλαταιές Platea Thermopyles Reenactment Association of Historical Historic Studies Horseback Archery Kassai Greece www.koryvantes.org www.horsebackarcherygr.com Sparta Spartans koryvantes.org horsebackarcherygr.com Hoplite Macedonia Σπαρτιάτες Σπάρτη Πέρσες Σύλλογος Ιστορικών Μελετών Κορύβαντες Μακεδονία Πλαταιές Περσικοί Πόλεμοι Διηνέκης Άδωνις Επιμενίδης Δεινοκράτης Ηφαιστίωνας Μιλτιάδης Περσέας Ακάδημος Korivantes Korevantes Korebantes

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The modern Pangkration is a fraud. Every martial art must follow a tradition were the master passes his knowledge to his students. This is how we have today the ancient or medieval martial marts.  But in the case of pangration, there was no continuity in it's teaching from ancient times to our time and all these bullshit they are doing is a mixture of other martial arts like judo, karate, muai thai, kung fu and boxing. There was no pangration tradition passed to us from ancient times. These guys are clowns and only fools could believe that this is how ancient spartans fought.
Lucas Cooper
The guy at 4:20 is an idiot. Sparta is the oldest democracy in the world. They had a form of democracy that was ancient and "traditional" by the time Athens instituted their radical form of democracy. One of the primary differences is that Sparta had kept their kings and had a kind of checks and balances between the ephors, assembly, and council of elders (which included the kings). And for those of you that condemn Sparta for having her kings, Sparta enjoyed the longest unbroken line of kings than any other government in Greece. And every level of Spartan government had specific powers. The United States has a form of government more similar to SPARTA than Athens. Because, like Spartans, Americans have a general fear of mob-rule and believe that government should have legislation to prevent tyrannical majorities.
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GreekGaming Op
You are stupid F.Y.R Macedonia is Slavs the true Macedonia is todays thesalonica great Alexander was born there and is a Greek read book Slavs you are like Albanians learn history and after talk
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Γιώργος πουτανιάρης
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ancient greece is beautiful.
It wasn't just 300 spartans, and they didn't do everything.
Greek PC Gamer
if we compared Greece at that time is like USA is Greece and northen like Mexico are Macedonia but only in USA says we are americans  and if happens up side down  you can all imagine what happen .Today  FYROM  is a nation who is a part from other nations without ethnic "memory" so they inveted one but historicaly the place of today Fyrom was Paionia (like a today Cuba) .Macedonians have originated from the city state of Pella later Romans perfected the way of assimilation 
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The pit in which they threw children is a myth and not true.
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deardiary gigity
who would win in a  hand to hand combat, an mma fighter or a real spartan?
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man where can I get one of those shields?!
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