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Published on May 31, 2012

Hi my tasty nasty nylon nutella nekos!
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Cassandra Farnsley
it's disturbing cause she was like 15/16 in this and her mother made her do it....
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Kaylynn Toby
+Uncle Will she did the math from the year
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When I first saw this I didn't think it was a slutty like a lot of people, I thought it was an innocent young girl showing off her collection. now that I know the story behind these.. disgusting
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Eloisa Vazquez
I have to but look at her face
Queen Porcelain
+Eloisa Vazquez okay but I've seen kindergarteners wearing shorter shorts😂😂
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Cara Antoinette
I can't believe all the slut-shaming in these comments. Let her wear what she wants. It's not a crime. She looks adorable. Go to hell.
Star Dust
Cara Antoinette ...her mother made her
1. 14 year olds are creepy 2. Wish I had such pretty legs.. Ugh why do I have such short leg? *cries*
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+Amber Enbom She's a few months older then me, so I know that she was 14. She has been 18 for a few months right now And thanks haha, cute comment
Empastelic Smiles
+MarliesMega 1. if you are refering to her as 14 she WAS about 15 or 16 in this vieo but today she is 18-19 2. u do have pretty legs, i've never seen them //CX// but all legs are unique and are beautiful. i have chunky legs, but i know im beautiful!! <3
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No Name
This is like a fetish video
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Carissac Lolme5
Arianna Scordarella yes but why won't she delete these videos is it for proof or what...
Arianna Scordarella
anal me pls min yoongi omg really?! Did Venus say this anywhere?
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LPSJadeGaming With ROBLOX
her face looks like she didn't want to do this but she was forced to do it
Jaideep Singh she was
You can tell a lot of these leggings and especially the red stilettos aren't Venus's style at all. She doesn't even wear stilettos in any of her other videos. This definitely seems more like a video her mom would want her to make. Also why does she say 'nasty' in the description? It seems really out of place.
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Brownie Plate
cynicalfaerie I think those shoes are her mother's probably because her dolly shoes didn't go with the stockings, not to mention the extra effort putting on stockings,shorts and trying to find the perfect dolly shoes. so anyone who is saying she is a street walker or works on corners are probably disturbed and always stick to stereo types cause I can assure you this isn't the situation
cynicalfaerie I think she didn't mean "nasty" I think they ment nase tea or something lol something that rhymes with tasty but it does still seem weird
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It's awkward when she's posing 
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Lu Cy
Her mother made her do it
Garbage Truck
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Lia Light
all of these comments are a proof of the fucked up thoughts people have about 1: women and girls 2: Sexuality 3: clothing. I can't even understand how anyone can view this as sexual in any way. She is showing of her DOLLY STOCKINGS, END OF STORY.
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Jack Raiden
Feminazi spotted. You're right though. But there's nothing I can do about my fucked up mind.
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Harmony Lyric
Why are fishnets considered inappropriate?
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but there soetmhgin deeper , thyer just delicious in an aenigmatica way
Emma McNeill
Since the rocky horror picture show in 1973.
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