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Published on Mar 27, 2012

In this video you can see a New Black Panther Party member calling for the arrest of George Zimmerman under the constitution, oh wait no, under the street law. And then once they capture him.... Well the police don't want him, so what do we do with him then? Of course nobody here will be arrested if an innocent man gets injured due to them putting a price on his head. These guys need to be arrested. Someone should put a bounty on anyone in the NBPP because they're racist killers.

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Rhonda Williams
They are a bunch of radical fakes! they are not affiliated with the original black panther party, which was not a violent group. They are terrorists. 
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C8ver 600
When will people realize blacks kill more whites than vice versa! 
corey washington
+Menelik Lionheart you have no right to say its about race or call someone racist cause you are.You support these idiots.I would continue this debate but I can't continue with a racist unless you want to be educated.
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DurkaDruka MonkeyFarts
What a bunch of idiots the new black panther party is.
Corey Kirby
Can we put these people back on the boat and send em back
Heywood Juhblowme
"according to tha skreet peoples law" priceless, what a future this shine has in public speaking lol.
Black baboons not panthers 
Im white and im not killing black people ..... he is ignorant for singling out a whole race.. sayin there evil????
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+C8ver 600 honky puhleeze~! 
C8ver 600
Not to mention most blacks have enough common sense. And wouldn't roll with you. So me and my educated black friends will be in heaven while you are in hell.
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Blue Irish
The black panthers are fucking idiots,quit talking and do something. CHICKENSHIT
C8ver 600
Cops kill more whites than blacks, don't give me this crap about "whites are a bigger population" black people aren't a pie you don't divide them in fraction they aren't put into a box, when you shoot someone you aren't thinking how it's gonna affect the population, if cops wanted to kill more blacks they would kill more blacks in numbers.
Dr. Martin Luther King would be ashamed of the average black man of today. He and his associates poured every fiber of their beings into liberating blacks AND eliminating some barriers between the races so that some could see eye to eye with their fellow man. I understand fully that it's not just these people who are racists, as there are definitely other racist groups out here, but they bring the human race the most shame with their talks of slavery etc as if they were actually there. They're misguided and hate driven and I am ashamed to acknowledge their statuses as human beings. I've heard no other racial groups RECENTLY calling for blood in the same manner as these ignorant fools, and I am embarrassed by their existence even more so because I share some of my ethnic background with them.
Nah Word
How many Black men do you know? Even if it's "a lot, so many, I work with black guys..." I can assure you that you don't know enough to get a sense of what the average Black man is.
you phony assed motherfucker, if you love mlk you shouldn't have killed him! he was for black people turning the other cheek in the throws of white racism. if you honkys slap my cheek, i'll kick all four of yours!!!!!
C8ver 600
It's called innocent until proven guilty. Th US is doing their job well. This isn't the Wild West you don't just go hang someone, if you want that go to Iran.
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