God Wants YOU To Be One Of HIS Uniquely Special Eternal Rewards!





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Published on May 26, 2015

(YOU are a REWARD TO GOD He desires so much! Nearly too good to sound TRUE, isn't it? But it's NOT! I greatly encourage you to obtain a copy of the following book to change your understanding FOREVER of how special your ARE to our Creator!: http://www.amazon.com/Happily-Ever-Af...)

The most important thing anyone can know about laying up eternal rewards in heaven is simply this: PEOPLE are what is important to God.

What makes heaven such a special place is that people get to experience the joyous intimate love from God and every-manifesting glory of God in all its growing, ever-expanding expression that words cannot possibly describe – forever. All else will be secondary though priceless overflow.

Heaven would essentially be worthless without people appreciating it. Angels no doubt appreciate it (and will continue forever to do so), but the Holy Bible clearly tells the human race that there is a glorious heaven (actually heaven yet to be created) awaiting them once they die if they have placed their trust in Jesus Christ as the One who paid the price for them to qualify for heaven (and the new heaven yet to be created).

There may be people reading this that are unfamiliar with the Bible, and may not have heard what Jesus had to say about acquiring treasures for ourselves, so let’s read it:

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.” (NIV: Matthew 6:19-20)

Let’s start with the most important foundation that could possibly be laid to help the inquiring reader understand the difference between earthly rewards and heavenly rewards:

Jesus Christ didn’t give His life as a ransom payment on the cross for money, buildings, land, mobile phones nor political power. He died on the cross to legally redeem PEOPLE so they can freely be reconciled in good standing back to God the Father for all eternity -- their sins not being held against them by God the Father.

God the Father didn’t send Jesus Christ His precious-priceless only begotten Son to come down from the highest glorious heaven to die on the cross for things nor power. He sent Jesus to pay ransom payment for sinning PEOPLE.

Today – no one builds a building as a “treasure to be stored up in heaven.” The PEOPLE who visit that building … whether it be called a church building or a temple or whatever else name ascribed to it … is what a building is built for, right?

People build buildings. Buildings don’t build people. Buildings exist for people. People don’t exist for buildings. Land does not grow people. People use land for their own purposes. If you have a business, your business doesn’t exist to serve you. Your business exists to somehow serve other people. In so doing, people reward you by transferring something of value from their possession into yours’.

Women don’t birth money, buildings, land, nor mobile phones. They birth people. People don’t work for buildings nor land nor money. They work to somehow assist people to function in this world. Money is secondary to that purpose, and is simply one’s reward for one’s efforts in somehow assisting people.

You don’t want me to keep belaboring the point, so let’s move forward to this most important understanding:

Satan does not want you showering God the Father with your love - affection - [Satan wants it ... or at the very least you keep it to yourself!] which is why he battles so HARD in trying to keep every one of us frustrated in our relationship with God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ via the fellowship and help of the Holy Spirit. (Do yourself a HUGE favor: Don't underestimate Satan's ability to get you and KEEP your frustrated with God, my friend!"

Lost souls redeemed back to God so He can shower His love on them for all eternity is all that truly matters to God. (This planet would be totally worthless to God otherwise. It produces no love. (Sorry “Mother” Earth … no offense.)

Jesus invested in people before He went to the cross to express His love and devotion to the Father and His love to all created beings. His ULTIMATE investment of love was dying for those same people so they could/can enjoy eternal life (priceless eternal LOVE) with Him and the Father and the Holy Spirit. Anything and everything else to be enjoyed is simply overflow. (Nothing could possibly be more important than getting to know God – getting to KNOW Love. Getting to know God - know Love - has no end -- no ending to it. He’s that lovingly - compelling – sophisticatedly – amazingly – awesomely – intricately – gloriously COMPLEX folks!

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